"The forerunner"






Red and white


Riven -- Mask of cancellation


True neutral


Scythe and Shield Has been known to use exploding bamboo disks on occasion.

You could not ask. Again. Ever.

~"The forerunner" "The Forerunner" an independent contractor that does odd jobs for The Company.


"The Forerunner" is a unnerving toa.  Everything about him is very foreign, right down to his pattern of speech.  He keeps his past to himself, exercising a filter of whom he will talk to about certain things.  He is incredibly disciplined in both body and mind, and is not to be trifled with.  Most Company members exercise a degree of caution around him.  "The Forerunner" tends to let his guard down around Matoran, sometimes saying things that he would not normally. He has an uneven and jagged appearance.  His armor is red with white highlights.  He has a large protosteel shield that mirrors his rough look.  He wields an ornamental scythe that he uses to break up large groups of enemies.


"The Forerunner" was first seen in Ga-Koro poisoned by an unknown person.  He was immediately rushed to a medical facility by a matoran named Kaunis.  After recovering he promptly escaped the medical facility.  Kaunis followed him.  During a short talk, he revealed that he was part of an organization called The Company and was sent to capture two skakdi named Thok and Vezok.

Powers and abilities:Edit

As a trained and professional killer he will do anything necessary to achieve his goal, but he has been known to hold onto the shear fact that he had to kill someone for a long time.  He seems to especially dislike killing Matoran.

"The forerunner" has the elemental power of smoke.  He can create, destroy, and channel smoke.  He can also see through smoke and breath smoke as if it were air.  This gives him an upper-hand, turning long battles into short skirmishes.  The most noteworthy ability he has is his mask, kanohi Riven, mask of cancellation.  For the same amount of energy, he can block the use of elemental powers.


  • The Company
  • Kaunis
  • Anyone of use to him


  • All military and guard units of any koro.


  • For now, "The Forerunner" is the only player character to wield the element of smoke.
    • He is also the only character to have a Mask of Cancellation.
  • "The Forerunner" is not his name, it is his job.

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