Aar is an Onu-Matoran. Formerly a miner, now a member of the Ussalry.

Aar in the Ussalry




Powerless Komau


Neutral Good


Power drill and standard guard tools




Mj. Spoilers (Kehuri/Mj. Spoilers)

Biography - 2012Edit

Aar spent most of this arc as a miner in the background. After Kyju's rise to power, however, he started entertaining thoughts of joining the Ussalry. He did so right after the Makuta War ended once and for all. During the Rahkshi threat he helped in the building of an escape route, though it went unused when the Rahkshi turned on each other.

Biography - 2013Edit

Aar went along with a diplomatic group of Onu-Koro citizens as a guard, to Ga-Koro. After which he returned again to Onu-Koro. 


Of average size for an Onu-Matoran. Built strong from his years of mining. Wears a purple Komau.


Cynical and pessimistic, but nonetheless hopeful. He believes that things will progressively keep getting worse before they become good again. He doesn't keep his feelings bottled up and is honest and blunt. Not particularly generous, but not selfish either, he'll help out when asked, but don't expect him to offer help on his own. Devout, though he rarely shows it. He adheres most strongly to the virtue of Duty.

He tends to have trouble with Unity. Having developed a fierce pride in Onu-Koro, he distrusts the other Koro, though he tries not to.

Abilities and ToolsEdit

An arm-mounted power drill that he bought for mining originally. Standard-issue Ussalry equipment.


An excellent survivor, knows how to do well alone. Great physical strength and Stamina, moderate speed. Fairly good at using his mining equipment as weapons. Now trained in standard Ussalry combat techniques.


Bright light, heights, he isn't outstandingly fast, and isn't agile at all. Still learning how to work in a team.




  • All enemies of Onu-Koro
  • Kyju

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