Ahkmou's Hut is a small traditional dwelling with adjacent workshop.

Description of LocationEdit

Ahkmou's hut is built in the traditional domed clay and stone style of old Po-Koro architecture and is a single roomed dwelling accessed by round front door.  Inside was once the bare necessities of life, now emptied of posessions and deserted since Ahkmou's murder by NEX.  Adjacent to the hut is a carving studio, where some of Ahkmou's old tools and machinery still lingers in decrepitude.  

Ahkmou's hut is outside the main walls of Po-Koro, ostracized from the developing koro as an unwanted yet unshakable reminder of the past.


Ahkmou's hut was once the humble home of the founder of the Cultured Gentry, before his dealings with the Makuta were realized and the matoran of stone removed from the organization.  Ostracized, Ahkmou was rarely visited and lived on the outskirts of Po-Koro.  After Ahkmou's murder, the hut was confiscated by the local authorities and all items removed for inspection in the case.  

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