Akrei's Thorn Side view

Akrei's Thorn

Akrei's Thorn is a sword capable of delivering poison into a target. The design and blueprints of the blade was created by Syvra .


To simplify the mechanisms of the sword the poison is delivered through the blade from a canister kept in the handle of the sword which via a button on the side, activates a spring that pushes the poison through the blade at high speeds.  He can place poisons of his own design into a refillable canister that is placed in the handle of the blade. The handle itself is screwable in the middle so to place the canister in you must unscrew the handle then screw it back on. The center of the blade has a narrow tube running through it about the size of a hollow needle, To inject said poison one must use the tip of the blade to pierce the body of the target which is why the tip is hook shaped.

Depsite the main purpose being poison delivery the blade can be used for offensive measures and combat. The blade is Katana-like in style.

Reason for CreationEdit

Syvra had realized that while his staff served it's purpose he needed a weapon that he could for close range combat. This was his solution. At the time of creation he was worried about being attacked by the brotherhood at a moments notice and would rather have a way to kill them quickly.. This was his solution. Eventually he created blueprints of the blade and took them to the Toa Akiru where he gave a false reason for why he needed the blade. He asked for the symbol of the three virtues to be added to further promote the lie. He now keeps the sword at a hilt at his waist.

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