Akiri Matoro was assassinated by an unknown Matoran of Sound, on the orders of an unknown party, at the beginning the second chapter of Arc 2.


After the assassination of Turaga Nuju at the hands of Brykon, the citizens of Ko-Koro held an election to decide who would become their first Akiri. Matoro, Nuju's translator and right hand, won overwhelmingly, and quickly began ushering in a more progressive Ko-Koro with the help of one of his chief counselors, an amiable courtier and architect named Ambages. Secretly, though, Ambages was one of the members of the Four Peers and his new position in Matoro's government only furthered his designs to bring about the end to the worship of the Great Spirit.


During the shifting of the Sanctum Guard, a De-Matoran climber made his way into the inner citadel and took advantage of his surprise entrance to disarm Jaa, the court scribe, and kill the Akiri with the scribe's chisel. Upon arrival at the scene, Commander Korzaa placed the city under martial law, threw Jaa in jail until further notice, locked the gates, and monitored the landscape for escaping criminals or oncoming warriors. 

Meanwhile, the assassin received his payment at an inn far away from the scene, but the prize was poisoned, literally and figuratively; the coin was coated in a substance that weakened him to the point where he fell through his window at the Inn, to his death. 


  • Ishi Polzin was hired by Ambages to uncover the parties responsible for Matoro's death. He found the answer, but was waylaid by an encounter with the necromancer Echelon and so the mystery remains.
  • Vera Polzin hired Jin, Pae, Nika, and one other to discover the secrets behind Matoro's death. The mercenaries captured Korzaa during the assault on Ko-Koro in hopes of finding some answer.

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