Oreius avatar

The Auporo, worn by Oreius

The Kanohi Auporo, the Mask of Weaknesses, is a powerful mask, one of six granted to the Toa Maru by the Keeping Place.


The Auporo is somewhat similar to a Pakari in shape.  One notable feature is the glowing 'third eye' in the centre of the forehead.


The Kahoni Auporo allows the user to instinctively sense the weakness or weaknesses of other beings. An Auporo user is constantly aware, in and out of combat, of where and in which way in which to strike their opponents for optimum damage. They can sense the best way to defeat an enemy, the quickest way; conversely, they can also sense the areas in which their enemies are strongest.



  • Only one Auporo is known to exist; this is the one granted to Oreius by the Keeping Place.
  • This mask is not available to players unless given by a staff member.

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