Bad Company is a group of mercenaries created by Brykon. They are currently employed by the Peers

Bad Company




The Peers




Brykon, Jin, Dorian (formerly), Grokk (formerly), Marfoir, Illicia, Liacada, Sev, Naryth, Mikrok


A group of mercenaries, thieves, and killers gathered in a small hamlet in Po-Koro, where they decided to join Brykon and work under him. The group traveled to Onu-Koro to investigate rumours about another shady group called NEX. During this time, Dorian killled Naryth. The party moved on to Xa-Koro where they prepared to rob a casino run by Reichenbach. Dorian took a small hiatus, having his own adventures with the rest of the Mark Bearers, Heuani, and meeting and recruiting Jin. Brykon was hired by Aurelia at this time, and the group cut off their heist. When Dorian returned, the Company met underground where Aurelia explained the Peer's plan. Jin assisted the Four Peers by disabling all sea vessels on the islet, and then she and the rest of the company left the islets on the Peer's ships. 

After landing in Po-Koro, the Peers gave them instructions to assassinate the Turaga, which the members did. Dorian faced a moral quandry and could not finish off his task, forcing Jin to. The Company has not yet come back together entirely. Jin and Brykon have met and Jin was told to help Ambages in Ko-Wahi by Caerus, and Grokk met up with Dorian to free him from jail. The status of the others is unknown.


  • Brykon (leader)
  • Jin (deputy)
  • Marfoir
  • Illicia
  • Liacada (formerly)
  • Sev (formerly)
  • Mikrok (formerly)
  • Naryth (deceased)
  • Dorian (formerly)
  • Grokk (formerly)


Mercenary group- they work for the highest bidder which, at the moment, is The Peers.





  • "I'm making a team of the baddest of the bad, the toughest fighters this island's got. I need people who kill and ask questions later, people who are willing to do the job until the job's done, and if they fail that job, they're finished. The job is killing and the pay is up to you, commission per kill. You have to be tough and ready and willing to take orders from me. If you're up for it and ready to spill guts for no glory, then I welcome you. If you're not, then drop your weapons and leave; maybe your toys can be more useful in the hands of those who are willing to use them. This world has no need for pretenders, and I won't put up with them. Now. Killing. Money. Booze. Want it?"  -Brykon, at the team's inception.

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