Art by Toa Arkhad








Selfish Good


Ferrite, Steel arming sword, bag of ball bearings

Powers and Abilities

Precise control over magnetism, knack for trouble, disarming smile


Elemental Warrior


Toa Kalta


Keeper of Kraata

Casanuva is a powerful member of the Toa Kalta, known for womanizing and disregard for his duties.

Biography Edit

Pre-Kalta Life Edit

Like the rest of his team, the vast majority of Casanuva's memories of being a matoran have been suppressed. He knows that where he comes from was not as primitive as Mata Nui, that he was a weapon designer, and he enjoyed hanging out at bars. Like his teammates, he was singled out by Aelied and turned into a Toa via toa stones.

Training Edit

On Mata Nui Edit

Appearance and Tools Edit

Casanuva is a handsome toa of slightly above-average height, very broadly built. The main visual difference between him and other Fa-Toa is that Casanuva has a blue mask; his natural armor coloring is normal black and gunmetal, but he wears tempered blue armor on top of that. In addition to carrying a mundane steel arming sword, Casanuva also carries Ferrite, a toa tool of his own design. Ferrite is a longsword with a core of magnetite, which Casanuva can use to focus his elemental power through. In addition, it has miniature retracting blades in the crossguard, used for trapping blades.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Relationships Edit

Friends and Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Casanuva is a pun based on the naming convention of 'Takanuva' and 'Casanova'. Keeper of Kraata has long held onto this pun.
  • Casanuva use as a Bionicle OC for Keeper of Kraata dates back to Bionicle's middle run.

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