Please refer all characters, PC or otherwise, to this page.  Use the suggested layout for creating character pages.  Thank you.

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Suggested layout:

(Brief introductory line or two)

Game TimelineEdit

  • Name of an Event this character participated in. If possible, link the event.
  • Name of anther Event. Repeat the pattern. Keeping the timeline up to date helps readers tremendously!

Character Biography Edit

Write the life and times of your PC here. Remember, keeping the biography up to date helps readers tremendously!

Appearance and ToolsEdit

We recommend simply copying from character profiles.  However, sometimes a little rephrasing is necessary.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

As for Appearance/Tools - the personality and powers sections of character profiles should do just fine.


Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Name: relationship to character


  • Name: relationship to character



(Character Name)










This infobox can also be used:

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