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"Everyone has their vices, we Skakdi just have a habit of indulging in them noticeably more often than others"
— Colx, to Kaunis

Colx is a Skakdi of Gravity and a member of the Gravity Trio, he's the proprietor of the Le-Koro Fitness Center.

Colx, Skadki of Gravity


Skakdi, Male


Ba, Gravity Elemental




Lawful Neutral, leaning towards good


Zamor Launcher, Slowness Spheres, Spiked Club, Pipe


Dormant Gravity Powers, Impact Vision


Mercenary (Formerly), Gym Manager (Currently)


Gravity Trio





Colx, like a lot of other Skakdi, didn't quite "fit in" when he first arrived on Mata Nui. He became a Mercenary, fighting and maiming for a living, but did eventually retire and settle down, mostly just because he was tired of the whole thing. He lived by himself in Le-Koro, but soon got a couple of new neighbors in the form of Helios and Melna. The three became unlikely, and reluctant from Colx's position, friends. When Helios one day showed up as a Toa, Colx decided to put his mercenary training to use and train both him and Melna in proper fighting. After completed training, and with the three about to part ways, Colx to come out of retirement and start work as a professional trainer.

2013 Arc:Edit

Getting to businessEdit

Colx's first action was to attempt to get enrolled as a trainer in the Gukko Force. Although it didn't quite go as he'd planned, Colx and Kongu did agree on an unoffical endorsement of his gym.

Spreading the newsEdit

After this was over and done with, Colx took a trip to his regular watering hole, the Bright-Star Inn. Here he was approached by the Ga-Matoran Kaunis, and the two had a discussion about Skakdi customs and ways, which Colx summed up with the above quote.

Getting back in the gameEdit

Colx was later approached by the Ba-Matoran Private Eye Khervos to help bring in the demented Onu-Toa Kavala whom the detective had crossed paths with. Khervos managed to persuade the former mercenary into joining him and Tuli in an attempt to take down the Toa of Earth. Ultimately this endeavor failed to deliver any sort of satisfying results, with the three forced to simply leave after fighting their way through Kavala's pet Tarakava.

Encounters at the InnEdit

While once again hanging around the Bright-Star Inn, Colx caught notice of Vrina, Toa of Crystal, and approached her, seemingly hitting it off rather well with her. It eventually led to the a sparring match between the two at Colx's gym, after which Vrina spent the night after agreeing Colx would owe her a favor. Vrina also promised to keep an eye out for Helios and Melna if she ever ran into them.

Later, once again at the Bright-Star Inn, Colx met Toa of The Green Syvra, who asked him if he knew anything about The Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an, which he didn't, but he promised to keep an eye out for them.

Colx: Solid CitizenEdit

On his way home, Colx ran into a Le-Matoran swindler he nicknamed "sleazeball", who was peddling vials of plain old water as a miraculous healing potion. Colx exposed the swindler by drinking all of his water, claiming he was trying to cure his stubbed toe, after which he gave the swindler a solid punt in the rear

Of Men and Men's stuffEdit

Colx later ran across former ILF member Alfon (now a Rama Rider for the Gukko Force) doing rounds at his Gym, and criticized the Toa on his lackluster performance, and even tricked him into thinking a chick was checking him out. The two parted on relatively good standing, with Alfon as well being made aware of Helios and Melna

Physical AltercationsEdit

Colx was later challenged to, and won, an arm wrestling competition by Kunitu from the Gukko Force. The two later had a drink at the Bright-Star Inn. Colx also welcomed newly arrived Vortixx Kidona to Le-Koro while she was there looking for employment.

Encounters of the strange degreeEdit

Colx later ran into the mysterious creature known as Chivinix, having an interesting conversation with the insectoid in which he told Chivinix about the Skakdi and the island of Mata Nui

One evening, at his gym, Colx was suddenly surprised by Vrina Tivosi showing up at his door, drunk. Colx let her in to hear her demand to know the nature of his relationship with Melna, and also admit to having feelings for him. Colx in turn admitted to similar sensations, and after getting some sleep, the two agreed to next morning to try and have a relationship. Vrina moved in with Colx, deciding to make her own living as a game hunter.

Two's companyEdit

Colx and Vrina's relationship seemed to go well enough, with the two willingly sharing past experiences, personal viewpoints and both tender and passionate moments back and forth. The main issue they were forced to deal with was the possibility that the two of them, being of separate species, could end up being ostracized or persecuted because of this fact, something both swore to stand proudly in the face of, should it occur.


One day, with no warning, Colx and Vrina were kidnapped and brought to an unknown cell made out of a hollow tree. This was part of a ploy by The Reveler to stage an underground tournament of pitfights with participants from across the island forced to fight for his entertainment. Colx once again met Alfon at this event.

Appearance and ToolsEdit


Colx is a Skakdi of average height with a very sturdy build that lends itself towards muscling through obstacles. His grin is usually frozen in a constant expression of mild amusement. He bears the signs of someone who's seen a lot of dirty fighting, a scar here, a fading mark there, and to top it off a small part of his large chin is missing, the result of a particularly grueling argument with another Skakdi.

Tools and EquipmentEdit

Colx usually favors a rather large, spiked club for combat purposes. He also has a crooked pipe he often smokes.

Colx also has a rather extensive collection of other weapons safely stowed away in his gym, trophies from his Mercenary career.

Technological Items

Colx has a Zamor launcher with which he fires his Zamor Spheres. Colx's Zamor Spheres have the power to greatly reduce a target's movement speed, rendering them incredibly slow.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

IMG 3462

Colx, the Trainer


Colx is a well-rounded warrior in combat, though his only truly outstanding skill is his immense stamina, Colx can outlast nearly anyone in a fight.

He's very fond of using his Zamors to slow an opponent down, and then pummel them with attacks to bring them down. He's not above fighting dirty, and takes pride in defeating an enemy with every resource available to him.

Fighting Style

Colx is a close-range, physical behemoth, very adept at this form of combat. While his long-range capabilities are certainly present (Impact Vision and Zamor Launcher), they are not as potent as his purely physical prowess. Colx is not above fighting dirty, and will gladly exploit any advantage he gains to the fullest. Colx relies a lot on force in his fighting, as is befitting of a Skakdi, he uses a lot of dirty fighting and doesn't see himself as too good for cheap shots

Personality and TraitsEdit

Colx is a rather laid-back Skakdi, with a hardworking, somewhat jaded attitude and a practical approach to life. He has little to spare on the spiritual, only holding to what he can register with any of the five senses. He's got a dark sense of humor, a blunt way of speaking and ultimately possesses a good heart.


Friends and AlliesEdit

Helios - Close friend

Melna - Close friend

Vrina Tivosi - Girlfriend

Alfon - Acquaintance



"I've done some things I'm not proud of. But the majority of my shady past is just that... shady; it doesn't faze me, blame it on my heritage that I don't feel sorry for beating a merchant to a pulp for stiffing me on a lone widget"
— Colx to Kaunis, remembering his younger self

"I reckon we're just a pair of loners looking for a little something to brighten our lives"
— Colx on his and Vrina's relationship

"I believe there are some people out there who have it coming, and sometimes, often, in fact, the proper channels just won't cut it. Sometimes you need the wild card to finish the game"
— Colx explaining to Vrina his view on Assassins and Bounty Hunters


Colx's voice is similar to that of Logan Cunningham, known as The Narrator in the Indie Video Game Bastion.

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