The Cultured Gentry
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Charity and Service Fraternity





Less than 1 kilometer outside of Ko-Koro



The Cultured Gentry is an exclusive, high-class group of wealthy merchants and investors that are based in Ko-Wahi.



The Gentry was formed by six Matoran bazaar owners (one from each village) who came together to share trade secrets and to learn how to improve their businesses. Over time, the group gained more store owners, and welcomed in businessmen and women of all trades.

Location ChangeEdit

The Gentry was originally founded in Po-Koro. After Ahkmou, the Po-Matoran who helped found the group, was exiled for business malpractice, the founder from Ko-Koro took over and moved subsequent meetings to Ko-Koro.

Deal With MakutaEdit

Even though the group found the Po-Matoran Trader's actions to be deplorable, the conspiracy did give them an idea to work with the island's master on more peaceful levels. They were able to make a deal with Ronkshou (and Makuta by extension) to protect the members of the Cultured Gentry's business interests. In return, the members would work to report (or find a way to thwart) any efforts of revolt against the Makuta.


After the Makuta's defeat, a coup led by Ambages and his unwitting minion Toa Alyo dethroned Niici and the Elders on the board. As a result of the fallout, Ambages was placed on the board and became chairman of the organization, saving it from certain destruction.


The new mission of the Gentry still involves charity work, primarily by financing villages to afford technology minted and sold in Onu-Koro. Secretly, the Cultured Gentry is a union for the 1% of Mata Nui working to increase their wealth and, indirectly, Ambages' control and personal wealth.


  • Ambages (Chairman and CEO)
  • Alyo (Public Relations Director)
  • Aurelia
  • Puroruk
  • Caerus Valli
  • Matan & Natan (Skakdi brothers)
  • Alak
  • All Akiri are considered ex officio members


Selection ProcessEdit

The Cultured Gentry is extremely selective of its members, and highly secretive. Only the richest are even considered, and even then, potential members must fit in well with the rest of the group in terms of ideals.

To join the CG, PM EmperorWhenua. If your character qualifies, then have him/her visit the any village's store owner.

Worthy of NoteEdit

It should be noted that the Cultured Gentry themselves do not invest or sell anything, unless it's for charity. The merchants and investors are the ones that make all the deals or have any sort of funds.

Charity OrganizationEdit

Principally, the Cultured Gentry is considered a charity organization that uses donations from its members to better the lives of the Matoran. Because of this, many Matorans' view of the Cultured Gentry (assuming they even know about them) is positive.



  • The other Peers
    • Aurelia
    • Caerus
  • Anyone who banks with them



If you satisfy the people’s needs, then everything else is irrelevant. The villagers simply don’t have the luxury to demand for any more. --Niici


  • .*That is not an actual photo of a Cultured Gentry member.

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