Destian is a Skakdi of Plasma and a member of the Island Liberation Squad. A deadly soldier-for-hire, he is famous for his knack for switching sides whenever a higher offer is raised. Destian's reputation is often thought of as exaggerated, and many warriors looking to make a name for themselves challenge him to fights. That always ends badly. Destian has a few friends on the island whom he trades and occasionally battles with. Destian, for the most part, resides in Le-Koro, living in a small hut.






Vision power

Laser Vision


Chaotic Good


Plasma Gauntlet, longsword


Elemental Plasma, Laser Vision


Member of the Island Liberation Squad


Island Liberation Squad


Darkon/D.A.V.E. (currently played by Kal Grochi)


Appearance and ToolsEdit

Being a Skakdi, Destian is a large, muscled being with large spines flowing along his shoulders and back. Like all Skakdi, his head also has a large mouth with sharp teeth, which can be intimidating to some. Destian is primarily red with bronze-colored steel armor, though his right arm carries a golden gauntlet with two black claws on it. This piece of equipment has been designed to channel Destian's elemental energy. In addition, he carries a black longsword that has a slight curve to it. Destian has a scar running from his forehead, across his eye and down his cheek. This scar is sickly green.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Skakdi cannot use their elemental powers without working in conjunction with another member of their species. This has led Destian to carry a Plasma Gauntlet, which allows him to gather plasma energy into a glowing ball in the gauntlet's palm that he can then shoot or throw at an enemy. Being a Skakdi, Destian also has access to a vision-based power; in this case, the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes.

Destian is a master of hand-to-hand combat, and possesses a impressive knowledge of how to use leverage and such against a opponent. He is skilled in the use of his sword, which he wields pommel-up, allowing him to block more easily.






  • Destian was created by BZP user Darkon (D.A.V.E.), but the character was handed over to Kal Grochi, who now plays him.

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