Drararius is an introverted Ko-Matoran, well learned in the lore of plants.

Drararius with his jō






Powerless Kaukau


Neutral Good



Cold Resistance


Traveling Botanologist

Game Timeline Edit

Character Biography Edit

The past of Drararius is unknown to many people. He has never spoken to anyone about any events that have happened before present day, making him socially rejected by most of the civilized places of Mata Nui.

Seeking adventure, he joined the Mangai Expedition while making a stop in Ta-Koro.

Appearance and Tools Edit

He is a physically weak Ko-Matoran that is clad in gray and black armor. He carries with him a jō and a reference journal of plants.

Abilities and Traits Edit

He enjoys being alone very much. This has led him to developing a habit of talking to himself out loud quite often. Like all Ko-Matoran, he has a slight resistance to the cold.

Relationships Edit

Friends and Allies Edit

  • Allied with the Mangai Expedition, not necessarily friends with any of its members.

Enemies Edit

  • None

Quotes Edit

"But a simple stick can disable even the most powerful creatures in the hands of the right person..."

Trivia Edit

  • At one point in his life he was quite physically powerful, however that has waned over the years.

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