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Welcome to the BZPRPG Wiki! This Wiki is dedicated to chronicling the official BZPower text-based Bionicle RPG. All players in the BZPRPG are welcome to come and edit.

What is the BZPRPG?

The BZPRPG (BZPower Roleplaying Game) is the official Bionicle RPG of BZPower. This Wiki chronicles the characters, events, locations and more that appear in the rich and complex world of the RPG's third incarnation - known by some as "BZPIII".

Set on the lush island paradise of Mata Nui - yet a troubled paradise, with tensions building between the villages - in a world where the Toa Mata never emerged from Mangaia but were succeeded by a Toa Team who did defeat Makuta, and the factions that populate the island struggle to discover the secrets of the mysterious Vault.  Players may choose a side and fight for Makuta's hidden secrets - or live their own lives in whatever way they choose.

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