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Welcome to the BZPRPG Wiki! This Wiki is dedicated to chronicling the official BZPower text-based Bionicle RPG. All players in the BZPRPG are welcome to come and edit.


23rd June, 2014: The Lorebook

We're doing some spring-cleaning over at the BZPRPG Wiki. As most people who've been on the Wiki will have noticed, a lot of important information is out-of-date or missing, and the organisation of articles isn't totally clear and thus appears somewhat jumbled, so navigation can be difficult. Now, we're creating a project to solve that. It's called 'Lorebook'. The Lorebook will consolidate the pages that have relevance to most players (major locations, events, species, staff plot stuff etc) and make sure they're given priority, kept up-to-date and written to a high standard. The Lorebook will also serve another purpose. We're going to stylise it like an actual book, divided into volumes and chapters on different topics. Each page will still be a regular, standalone Wiki page, but it will also have a header and footer with links to, say, the contents and adjacent pages for ease of navigation. Once complete, the Lorebook will essentially be an everything-you-need-to-know guide to the BZPRPG, which will be useful to new players who want to get a proper grip on the game-world, for returning players who want to catch up on the core stuff without trawling through forum history, or indeed for general reference. To make sure that the Lorebook is put together in a thorough and organised way, I'd like to ask that anybody who would like to help contact me first (PM or Skype) so that our efforts can be properly coordinated. People with a good grip on BZPRPG lore and a familiarity with the Wiki would be most useful, but of course the only requirement is a little enthusiasm!

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What is the BZPRPG?

The BZPRPG (BZPower Roleplaying Game) is the official text-based Bionicle RPG of BZPower. This Wiki chronicles the characters, events, locations and more that appear in the rich and complex world of the RPG's third incarnation - known by some as "BZPIII".

Set in the Endless Ocean on the island of Mata Nui and the recently-revealed Kentoku Archipelago, in a world where the Toa Mata failed to defeat Makuta, the BZPRPG has followed the events of the struggle against Makuta, his eventual defeat at the hands of a new Toa Team, the uneasy peace that followed, and now first contact between the peoples of Mata Nui and the Dasaka of Kentoku.

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