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"I wasn't following you. I've been wandering the caves without direction for about an hour. As for who I am: the name is Ferron, Toa of Iron"
— Ferron introduces himself to Krell and Zuriana

Ferron 2.0
Ferron in his "2.0" form.


Toa, male


Fe, Iron elemental


Great Pakari-shaped Mask of Healing


Chaotic Good


Protosteel Shield, War Mace, Repeating Crossbow assorted weaponry


Toa-level iron manipulation, Healing, Blacksmithing






Ferron is a Fe-Toa Blacksmith, Engineer and Machinist that has played a relatively minor part in the events of the BZPRPG.


2012 arcEdit

Ferron was first introduced as a former hero of the island. Primarily as a lost soul trying to find a place in the world. According to himself, he used to be a mechanic in a small, offshoot village on Le-Wahi's coast, where he was granted a Toa Stone by a passing Toa of Ice. Ferron was originally reluctant to accept the responsibility of a Toa, but eventually he used the Toa Stone when a couple of Nui-Jaga attacked the village. Deciding that he was willing to accept the responsibility, Ferron took it upon himself to fight evil. Eventually, he joined up with a group of other Toa. Calling themselves the Toa Marok, they set out to right the wrongs of the island. But despite the fact that they were largely successful (or maybe because of it), their quest was cut short when The Makuta, perceiving them as a potential threat, set a swarm of Nui-Kopen upon them. All of them were killed, except for Ferron, who made it out mangled and broken, both physically and mentally.

A Chance MeetingEdit

And so continued over two years of aimless wandering and haphazard attempts at reconciliation or inner peace. Not until he met the odd pair of Zuriana and Krell, did he finally feel some of his old self return. He joined their quest to restore Krell's missing memories, and quickly took a liking to the dark and mysterious soul, reflecting a part of his own miserable self.

Krell, Zuriana and Ferron went through multiple perils; including Parakuka-possessed minions, Vortixx mercenaries and, finally, a confrontation with Krell's old friend-turned-enemy; Kuhrin. When the battle was over, Ferron was convinced that both Kuhrin and Krell had perished. And let his friend go with a teary smile.

2013 arcEdit

Ferron settled in Onu-Koro and opened a smith. Keeping in touch with Zuriana, and also getting a new friend in the form of former Ta-Koro Guardswoman Tuli, who became his assistant at the forge. This, in addition to his new stability and simpler lifestyle made Ferron reverted even more back to his older self, growing to show more kindness and smile more often. He even managed to confront his past demons and finally let his pains resulting from his teammates' death loose their grip. All in all, Ferron was getting more and more content everyday

Revenge of the MadmanEdit

His inner rejuvenation was cut short, however, when he ran into Kuhrin, who was still alive and well. Kuhrin came to him with a warning: some "friends" of his were out to avenge his alleged death, and both Ferron and Zuriana were in grave danger. Ferron had little choice but to believe Kuhrin, and accepted his "help" in dealing with them. For that to happen, however, he would have to go to Po-Wahi and find a Mask of Healing for Kuhrin.

The Second LossEdit

When they returned, Ferron was forced to lend his Pakari to Kuhrin while he healed him. Unfortunately the process restored Kuhrin's body but broke his mind completely. The Toa of Sonics, using Ferron's Pakari, murdered Zuriana before his eyes, before he escaped into the drifts. Ferron buried Zuriana by himself, and returned to Onu-Koro to prepare to hunt down and kill Kuhrin. Through Khervos and Tuli he was introduced to the bounty hunter Rhea, whom he attempted to hire to help him find Kuhrin.

Ferron 2.0Edit

"She looked at him, looked with the level, calculating gaze that was her wont, and she knew simply that this was one who would never surrender. He would go on and on and there was nothing that would stand before him, nothing save death that would halt his chosen course. And even then, he would die undefeated, for the only things in all of life that could break him were the things that would break him from within."
Rhea Heartsflame's narration upon first seeing Ferron in his new form

Ferron adopted a new look, preparing himself for what he considered his final trial, now in a more or less inverse colored version of his original self, now with his strong, reassuring appearence being enhanced by a rejuvenated and refined figure.

Notably, the ever vivacious Rhea developed a strong romantic inclination towards Ferron upon seeing him in his new form. Ferron himself took notice of Rhea's genuinely alluring appearance, but on his side it didn't go much further than that yet.

The hunt beginsEdit

Ferron and Rhea agreed to meet after some rest, and did so at the Papa-Nihu Reef to begin tracking Kuhrin's movements. This led them to Ko-Wahi, where they were caught in one of the region's trademark snowstorms.

Hot and ColdEdit

Ferron and Rhea found cover by a small cliff-face, both half-forced, half-tempted into snuggling together to share body heat in the biting cold.

Ferron and Rhea got to talking, Ferron sharing his life story with the Su-Toa Bounty Hunter, and Rhea in turn giving the veteran hero a deeply introspective lesson about the challenges he faced. The two fell asleep more or less in each other's arms.

The next day they continued their pursuit of Kuhrin.

Intrigue and DespairEdit

Ferron was soon confronted with another vision of one of his dead teammates; Deccon, the member he blamed for their deaths in the first place. Deccon's vision had, like the others, been manifested by an aspect of Ferron's subconscious, this time his own feelings of guilt about the incident. Ferron was devastated emotionally by this revelation, and found comfort in acknowleding his slowly growing affections for Rhea.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Ferron at the Forge, Colored Pencils, lower quality
Ferron at his forge (Original Form). Illustration by Kughii.
KughiiAdded by Kughii


Ferron sports a tall and rather massive figure, one that bears some tell-tale marks of battle. Namely, a prosthetic left leg and right hand in glaring steel gray coloring, results of a horrific battle with an infected Nui-Kopen swarm when he was younger. While the leg is a pretty direct replica of his other, his hand is definitely the more eye-catching of the two. It could almost pass for actual silver that’s been gently shaped into a beautifully sculpted reconstruction of Toa anatomy. Delicate, yet as strong as steel, it is animated by Ferron’s powers to function just as effectively as a normal hand.

The rest of his armor (and Kanohi) looks very well maintained, with only barely noticeable scratches and dents here and there that still tell a story about a life filled with battle. In this way his Kanohi (in the shape of a Great Pakari) sticks out, because it looks practically spotless, as if brand new. He has what could most easily be described as noble facial features, and quite prominent at that.

Ferron is a Toa whose appearance carries the distinct impression of an old War Rahi: muscular, broad-shouldered, pretty tall, rarely seen without his armor. He walks with a steady and usually calm gait, giving off the air of a Toa who's seen and done many things in his life, but has managed to retain some of his prime. His eyes (and heartlight) are steel gray, with accompanying glow, and when staring into them one will see the cold, unyielding force of reliability and strength that represents Ferron's "inner iron will".

Ferron generally exudes an aura of kindness, experience and power, with a tint of pent up frustration, anger and sadness. Those who look closely will be able to tell that something has happened that Ferron still struggles with, and occasionally one will see a strange fire in his eyes, indicating that whatever’s bothering him, it’s eating at him from the inside.

Equipment and ToolsEdit

Ferron usually carries his original Toa Tool, a steel gray Protosteel Shield (somewhat oval-shaped, with serrated edges), and does keep a finely crafted mace at hand when needed.

In addition to this, Ferron can also create a plethora of additional tools/weapons with his elemental powers.

Technological ItemsEdit

Ferron also carries a special Repeating Crossbow of his own design; it’s got more range and shot strength than the regular variant, but is also considerably heavier. Thankfully Ferron has the muscle to use it pretty aptly.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Ferron is a highly capable wielder of his element. Where some Toa of Iron might be content with spawning objects and throwing metal around, Ferron always endeavors to find new ways to utilize his element. He never passes up a chance to use his element to gain an edge, since metal is almost always somewhere around him. He can use metal to defend, throw, block, skever, lacerate, crush, tear, split and whathaveyou. If it can be conceived of, Ferron can very likely do it.

Ferron has pretty good skill with weapons, though he has a clear preference for blunt weapons such as hammers, clubs, maces etc. Ferron is also very aware of the fact that he is at least part metal, knowing for a fact that if he is struck in his prosthetics, he will not feel pain. As such he can afford to be a little less cautious of these body parts. The expection to this being the innermost core of his leg prosthetic, in which a thin sliver of his original leg remains, connecting the upper leg to his foot.

Ferron is, and always have been, an inventive individual, he's a skilled machinist and blacksmith, and boasts the slogan "If I can't fix it, it's not broke"  

As a Toa of Iron of very imposing stature, Ferron has a great deal of physical endurance and strength, and can both take and dish out a real beating.

Fighting Style

Ferron is largely a close-range fighter, relying on his physical toughness coupled with his strength-oriented weaponry and experience to see him through. He does have skill at range as well, but it is noticeably worse.

Personality and Traits

Ferron is a very loyal friend, and even in his late middle ages a fierce defender of the weak and the unjustly treated. He is friendly enough, but maintains a very serious attitude and a strong focus on his goal bordering on obsession. He's usually the sort of person who gets things done. If he sets himself a goal, he will make progress. He is “intriguing” enough to approach, and can spot most people with dishonest intentions for who they are (a side-effect of a long life of heroics).

In regards to romance he offers the idea little thought, as his "true love" passed away with his old team. He's quick to offer charitable acts, and will never turn his back on someone in need.

He does have a very serious streak when it comes to villains, and can be very vindictive when less able-bodied people are involved. Ferron hasn't abandoned the Toa Code altogether, and will certainly not kill any thug he crosses, but be warned; do something that he finds utterly, completely despicable and irredeemable; he'll rip out your heartlight and feed it to you without a second thought.


Friends and AlliesEdit

Tuli - Friendly. After all that has happened, Tuli has become extremely important to Ferron, as his one true friend left in the world, Ferron will do anything to come to her aid, he's not going to lose anyone else he cares about.

Krell - Dearly Departed. Krell played a big part in bringing Ferron around to finding his will to live again, he has immortalized his dear friend by making a pair of small statues in his likeness, one for himself and one for Zuriana.

Zuriana - Dearly Departed. Perhaps even more than Krell, Zuriana contributed immensely to Ferron's spiritual rejuvenation. Consequently, he's taken her death much more to heart, and has vowed to kill Kuhrin in return.

Khervos - Acquintance. Khervos and Ferron are on what could be described as 'first-name basis' (ignoring the fact that neither actually have last names) through their separate relations to Tuli.

Rhea Heartsflame - Although a lot of Ferron's current focus rests solidly on his hunt for Kuhrin, Ferron is still but a man (and a pretty lonely one at that), and as such he can't help but notice the gracious charm and alluring figure of the Su-Toa, and then there's the fact that they share a bit of common ground in knowing the feeling of hitting rock bottom, and the pain of loss. Ferron's feelings have now developed into a slowly escalating crush on the Brimstone Princess.


Kuhrin - Bitter Enemy. Kuhrin is responsible for killing both Krell and Zuriana, effectively robbing Ferron of close to everything he'd gained back thanks to them.


"Listen, if you just lay down your weapon now, we won't have to hurt you, but if you as much as breathe in a way I don't like, things are going to get LOUD. And if you are what I think you are, you won't like that anymore than us"
— Ferron, talking to Kuhrin for the first time

"I have lost many things in my life; destiny hasn't been very kind to me over the course of my endeavors as a Toa. I lost my team to an army of Makuta's monsters, I lost my village to a forest fire... and I lost Krell to his own fate"
— Ferron reflecting on his life

"He thought about it, realizing how much Rhea seemed to conform to him. She'd told him she knew his pain, and meant it, although possibly not at the same magnitude. Nevertheless she understood far more than most people ever would..."
— Ferron first showings hints of attraction towards Rhea

"She died not knowing how I felt about her, they all died. And to this day I regret the fact that I never told her anything"
— Ferron on his relationship with a former team member

"Things have gotten better since then, obviously, but those kinds of wounds never go away. You just learn to live with it, and cherish the good memories"
— Ferron, explaining how he dealt with the magnitude of his loss


  • Ferron was Geardirector's first character in the BZPRPG, and remains one of said player's most fleshed out characters.
  • Ferron has adopted for himself the slogan "If I can't fix it, it's not broke". This is a reference to Big Al from the Ratchet & Clank series.
  • Geardirector has stated that he imagines Ferron's voice as very deep and gruff, like Michael Ironside or Kevin Michael Richardson
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