The road leading into Onu-Koro.

The Great Mata Nui Highway is a collection of long or unnamed roads that pass though several of the island's major locations.

Location Edit

The Great Mata Nui Highway (or GMNH) is island-spanning, and has no real beginning or end. However, Ga-Koro can be used as a starting point.

Following the Old Fusa Path south from Ga-Koro, the GMNH branches off from the road and loops back north into Po-Wahi, traversing the rocky cliffs along the border of Naho Bay. Further north, the GMNH branches off in two directions - the road continuing north terminates at part of the Path of Prophecies closer to Po-Koro, whereas the western branch brings travelers to part of the Path of Prophecies closer to Po-Wahi's entrance to Onu-Koro.

Continuing along the western branch, the GMNH continues underground, down into Onu-Koro and the Great Mine. The south road out of Onu-Koro brings travelers through the Onu-Ta-Le-Koro Subtransect. After a short distance, the Subtransect branches, with the right-hand tunnel bringing the traveler back aboveground into Ko-Wahi (the road becomes the GMNH again at this point).

The GMNH weaves through Ko-Wahi's mountains and drifts for a short distance until arriving at Ko-Koro.

Continuing south from Ko-Koro, the GMNH continues weaving around Ko-Wahi's mountains and drifts, eventually leaving the mountains behind as the road passes through The Massif, then further south into Le-Wahi and through Kini-Nui.

South from Kini-Nui, the GMNH winds eastward around the Fau Swamp before continuing south along the jungle floor of Le-Wahi. The path passes beneath Le-Koro, which can be accessed via chute.

Past Le-Koro, the GMNH first loops south around Lake Kanae, then north towards the Mangai Volcano, and then finally eastward, where it passes just outside Pala-Koro.


Part of the GMNH heading into Le-Wahi's jungle.

Past Pala-Koro, the GMNH follows a northeastern arc out of Le-Wahi's jungle, into the Charred Forest, and finally into Ta-Koro. The path north out of Ta-Koro winds through the northern part of the Charred Forest before turning into the Old Fusa Path, bringing travelers back to Ga-Koro.

Description Edit

The Great Mata Nui Highway passes through every Wahi, and so sees most of Mata Nui's biomes. Following the route described above, a traveler will witness winding clifftops, arid grasslands and rocky canyons, underground tunnels, frozen mountains and snowdrifts, glaciers, grassy hills, swampland, dense jungle, grassy clearings, forested lakesides, burnt forests, and more.

In-Game History Edit

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