Greywood is the village of Clan Angavur. It is a fairly large settlement, with one of the largest single concentrations of Taajar in the isles.

History Edit

After the defeat of the last Taajar Horde, Clan Angavur, as head Taajar Clan, was given a decent, albeit agriculturally useless piece of land upon Odaiba to settle in. Isolated from the vast plantations of the Ageru, and most other Imperial clans, it has had a long, but fairly simple history.

Due to its relative lack of importance, it has been attacked a handful of times by mainly Fursic, and Fursic-aligned clans in the former's numerous rebellions. Nonetheless, it has survived and even expanded in recent centuries. It has been noted as a haven for Taajar merchants, and source of weaponry for Imperial merchants.


The first thing most notice about Greywood is its old, fairly crude stone walls. While not thick enough to resist protracted siege, the walls of Greywood nonetheless are able to protect the settlement against a reasonable enemy force. Through its wooden gate, Greywood shows itself as a neatly planned village.

Its right side, as to reflect the demographics of the Clan, is the largest part of the village. A number of Longhouses are aligned in rows along the walls, with sizable forges along the middle, filled with Angavur crystalsmiths. The small number of longhouses to the left host visting caravans, and a minority of Angavur Saihoko. Outside the village, Angavur Dashi live in roomy huts, and act as Mukau shepards, Soko tenders, and forgers.

Greywood Longhouse is one only in name. It is a structure two stories high, with a full basement and an east and west wing. It is built of ancient, chemically treated wood meticulously preserved. The main building consists of the Great Hall, where the Astyzyar Jahagir holds court in. It has a vaulted ceiling, and finely made Taajar rugs. It contains a modest dining table and throne (If you could call it that) with Clan Banners hanging from the ceilings. Behind it is the kitchen, to its right side a tea room, to its left, a small shrine to Zuto-Nui. The upper floor is the chambers of the Jahagir, her family, handmaidens, and assorted servants, and a little-used war room. The east wing is a large library full of Taajar books, one of the most prided parts of the longhouse. The west wing is the chambers of the Zrupgars. and a fairly large armory. Outside are sparring areas for the warriors.


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