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"I think he's... dangerous. He might be one of those Piraka I mentioned earlier."
"Dangerous. Infamous. Just what we were looking for.
— Feran and Hile talking about Vezok

Hile, Chronicler (self-appointed)
Pose hile




Ice (Innate)

Kanohi Mask:

Grey Arthron (powerless)






Self-appointed Chronicler of Ko-Koro


Alive, active


Toatapio Nuva

Hile is an enthusiastic self-appointed Chronicler with an appetite for adventure.



Hile has travelled around Mata Nui as a self-appointed Chronicler of Ko-Koro. During his travels in Le-Koro, Hile got a Volo Lutu launcher and grew very fond of it. Hile has become very skilled at using it while he traverses the island, looking for secrets and constantly annoying locals with his enthusiasm which is very uncommon for a Ko-Matoran.

Journey to Le-WahiEdit

Hile volo lewahi

Hile with his Volo Lutu launcher in Le-Wahi.

Hile joined a band consisting of Skakdi and Toa in Ko-Wahi, first mistaking the them as enemies. Hile travelled with the group, uncovering their mysterious pasts and doing his best to help. They went to Onu-Koro to look for a missing Matoran. They then proceeded further to Ga-Koro. Although enthusiastic about the quest, Hile became suspicious of the people he was travelling with. His suspicions were confirmed when Arktizai told him that the Skakdi had evil plans. The group suddenly left for Le-Wahi, when Kordan claimed to have received a plea for help. In Le-Wahi the group met up with Eidolon, a mysterious Toa of Sonics. They also helped a Matoran named Tuli against a Tarakava.

Science HuntEdit

The group Hile was travelling with became inactive, forcing Hile to continue alone. He got lost in the Le-Wahi and remained so for months until finally finding his way to Ta-Koro. There he met a Matoran named Feran, who joined him. The two went to a local bar only to find Piraka Vezok and several of his downed opponents. Intrigued, Hile started to talk to him. Due to intervention of Surina, however, the Piraka left the pub, infuriating Hile. Outside, Hile met up with his old friend Kirgan and joined him in an effort to find the purpose of the Tablet of Names.

After difficulties with cooperating a smith called Stronin, the group managed to translate the tablet using a Rau. They followed clues to Onu-Koro, where they discovered a secret underground laboratory, guarded by a monstrous robotic creature. After defeating it, the group split up to find keys scattered around Onu-Wahi. Hile left with Feran and found the key. Upon returning, they saw Xaron and Azthran badly injured and thus took them to the hospital. After this Hile used the recovered keys to open another passage deeper into the laboratory and discovered statis tubes with Matoran in them. They freed one, who turned out to be an enemy. They subdued the Matoran and delivered him to the guards.

Meeting JakuraEdit

Months later, Hile was on a trip in Le-Koro, where he ran into a conflict between Juurok the trader and a Toa named Jakura. Juurok was trying to protect a stolen Kanohi that had belonged to Jakura's old friend who had been murdered. Hile helped Jakura catch Juurok and consult him about the mask, but they got few answers. Hile took Juurok to the Gukko force guards and joined Jakura in his quest to find out how the mask had ended up in Juurok's hands.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Bzprpg hile


Hile is a very untypical Ko-Matoran. He is enthusiastic and curious and often manages to annoy those around him. Hile is also brave, even foolhardingly so at times. He can sometimes be a bit self-centered when it comes to choosing priorities, but does feel empathy and helps those in need.

Being a Ko-Matoran grants Hile natural resistance to ice and cold temperatures. For the same reason he is also weaker in hot environments.


Hile carries with him a Volo Lutu launcher he got from Le-Koro long ago. He has learned to use it well and prefers it as his primary tool in both exploration and battle. During his travels with Jakura, Hile was also given a dagger made out of the fang of a Rahi. The handle is covered in leather. Hile uses the dagger to defend himself when the Volo Lutu launcher does not suffice.



  • Anhar: Hile respects Anhar for rescuing him from the wastes.
  • Arktizai: Hile isn't sure if he can trust Arktizai, but shares his suspicioins of Kordan's true nature.
  • Kirgan: The two are long-time friends.
  • Feran: Hile and Feran immediately began friends upon meeting.
  • Xaron: Allies through Kirgan.
  • Sulkua: Allies through Kirgan.
  • Azthran: Allies through Kirgan.
  • Shadd: Allies through Kirgan.
  • Jakura: Befriended him in Le-Wahi and feels comradeship with him, due to their similar interests.


  • Kordan: Complicated. Hile doesn't trust Kordan, but is ready to aid him in order to learn more about him.
  • Eidolon: Suspicion.
  • Vezok: Nor an ally nor an enemy. Just curiosity.
  • Stronin: Hile doesn't trust Stronin due to his rudeness towards him.


  • Surina: Deep hatred for intervention with his interview with Vezok.


Style hile

A stylized poster of Hile.

"I'm the Chronicler of Ko-Koro. I decided so myself."
— Hile

"All things significant are my domain."
— Hile to Jakura

"But when he looked into those cold, Ko-Koronan eyes, he saw a greater courage and strength than he had ever known to be present in a single Matoran. He knew now, just by staring into them, that Hile was capable of much more than he was."
— Jakura's thoughts


  • Hile's mask, Arthron, was randomly selected for him.
  • Le-Wahi is Hile's favourite region to visit.

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