The Hura-Mafa River.

The Hura-Mafa River is Mata Nui's most well-known river, flowing south from Naho Bay.

Location Edit

The Hura-Mafa River's mouth is located in the southern coast of Naho Bay. The river flows south from there, flanked by rocky cliff-faces. The Hura-Mafa acts as somewhat of a border between Ko-Wahi and Ga-Wahi, though it does flow between and terminate amongst Ko-Wahi's snow-covered mountains.

Description Edit

The Hura-Mafa is a popular area for settlers - many small encampments line the banks of the river. A small port at the terminus of the river connects with Sky's Heights Way, and Ga-Koro lies near the river's mouth.

The cliff faces/mountainsides often found on either side of the river are usually capped with greenery while closer to Naho Bay, or snow and ice while within Ko-Wahi.

A small wooden bridge spans a gap between cliff faces, and serves as a crossing point for both the Old Fusa Path and the Hidden Kini-Nui Passage.


A gap in the cliffs on either side of the Hura-Mafa.

In-Game History Edit

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