Ihu-Koro is a small village built on Mt. Ihu that is mostly abandonded, and used as a base for the Toa Maasi


Ihu-Koro is fairly small, consisting of a number of domed huts, similar to those in Ko-Koro. In the center of the village is the main square, where an enourmous tree grows. Like all places in Ko-Wahi, snow is always present. Near the village is a ravine caused by a small bioquake.


Ihu-Koro sprung up after the fall of the First Toa, and was inhabited mostly by Ko-Matoran who decided to leave Ko-Koro. Later, the entire village was killed by a group of Skakdi who had been given elemental powers in a strange expirement. The Maasi were lead back there, and they helped rebuild it. They now use this a sort of base where they can regroup and plan their next moves. Ihu-Koro is the current location of the golden weapons.

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