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The Iron Mahi, running from Po-Koro to Forsi.

The Iron Mahi Railway is Mata Nui's only commercial passenger railway, connecting Po-Koro to Forsi.

Location Edit

The Iron Mahi tracks run from Po-Koro, in the centre of Po-Wahi and Tiro Canyon, in a southeastern arc to Forsi.

Beginning its journey from Po-Koro, the train follows a large continuous arc all the way to Forsi. The first leg of the journey brings the train out of Tiro Canyon, bisecting part of the Path of Prophecies on the way.

Once out of the Canyon, the train continues its arc across Po-Wahi's southern fields. At one point, it bisects a short section of the Great Mata Nui Highway connecting the Old Fusa Path to the Path of Prophecies.

The train continues through the fields, passing over a large bridge spanning the gap over an inlet in the northern coast of Naho Bay. Once past the bridge, the train arrives in Forsi.

Description Edit

Though the Iron Mahi's tracks are not varied in terms of changing direction, the scenery once out of Tiro Canyon is spectacular, with the train traversing open, grassy fields around the northern Naho Bay area.

In terms of maintenance, the tracks and train are often covered with dust, and have to be continually cleaned and maintained in order to keep the train and its systems running. Normally, the train shakes off what dust it accumulates while in transit, but sand covering the tracks, even in relatively small amounts, could potentially be dangerous.

In-Game History Edit

  • The Iron Mahi was commissioned from Onu-Koro at the beginning of Hewkii's ascension to leadership. In exchange for limited mining rights in the South of Po-Wahi, Onu-Koro constructed the track from Forsi to Po-Koro.

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