Kajak is a Toa of Stone, leader of the Toa Akari, with mysterious origins, hailing from a distant land alongside the rest of his team.



Toa of Stone




Great Calix (Shaped like a Noble Komau)


Lawful good/His team




Active, Alive


Makuta Miras

Current RPer:

Makuta Miras

Game timeline Edit

  • Landed on Mata Nui with his team

Biography: Edit

Pre-game: Edit

Before his introduction in the game, Kajak fought evil in a distant land on his own, but when evildoers began leaving for Mata Nui, he gathered five other Toa into a team with himself, and they set sail for Mata Nui, arriving in Onu-Wahi on the Papa Nihu Reef with their ship wrecked.

Personality and Traits: Edit

Kajak is still a fairly naïve Toa, leading him to trust strangers a lot more than he should. He is a natural leader, however, commanding the respect of nearly all of his team. The one exception to this is Akili, defying him at every chance she gets. He believes completely in order, seeing chaos, even in the process of creation, as an evil left behind by Makuta.

Relationships: Edit

Friends/Allies: Edit

Enemies: Edit

  • Worshippers of Makuta

Quotes: Edit

Trivia: Edit

  • One of Kajak's main aims in life is to eat loads of cookies.

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