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"Kavala stepped into the view of Hakann, Lash and Aurum, revealing his black and bulky form, covered with what looked like the rust of infected Kanohi. The dark green eyes glowed dimly behind the visor of his Kaukau. In the intense darkness that lingered in these tunnels, he was almost invisible."
— Narrator describing Kavala

Kavala, Toa of Earth
Pose kavala


Toa of Earth



Kanohi Mask:

Black Kaukau




Sword of Makuta




Alive, active


Toatapio Nuva

Kavala is a suspicious Dark Toa who lived in the ruins of Xa-Koro. Although he is generally known to be evil, none have ever managed to gather evidence of this fact. Kavala has a sneaky way of using diplomacy and manipulation on others.



Kavala was originally a Matoran who served Makuta during his reign. One day he was altered by the Makuta himself and given Toa power. Kavala obeyed Makuta and resided in Xa-Koro. When the village sunk, Kavala was somewhere else and was shocked to find his former home and the symbol of Makuta in ruins. He took on a new life in the ruins of Xa-Koro, settling in the old buildings which he made habitable by creating large airpockets in them.

During his life underwater, Kavala learned a lot about the behavior of marine Rahi, allowing him to survive among them. He also started feeding the local Tarakava in an effort to make them loyal to him. He partly succeeded, making the Tarakava act very protective about him, and even loyal to an extent. However, Kavala never managed to gain full control over the Rahi.

Encountering Khervos and TuliEdit

A long time later, Tuli and Khervos arrived to search for secrets in the ruined Xa-Koro. Kavala "saved" them from Tarakava, who he had actually commanded to attack in the first place. Kavala tried to get information from the two and eventually let them leave his realm. Kavala did send two Tarakava after them, however, to kill them and prevent them from spilling any secrets of Kavala.

Tuli and Khervos decided to return to Kavala and smite him, first hiring Skakdi Colx as some additional muscle against the Toa. Upon returning to Xa-Koro, however, Kavala pointed out that there was no way to prove he had been responsible for the Tarakava attack and that the two Matoran were about to commit a crime by attacking him. The Matoran and Colx left then, to leave Kavala alone in his lost city. Kavala began making plans on how to turn all the villages of Mata Nui against one another.

Fight for Xa-KoroEdit

Kavala vs Iraira

Kavala and Iraira battle.

He left Xa-Koro in an effort to enact his plans, but shortly returned after failure. He witnessed the arrival of the Kumu Islet diving expedition team and attacked them after failing to get them to leave his home by other means. Kavala almost toppled the Infernavika with his earth powers, but the captain of The Invincible, Iraira, dove into the water to confront him. The two battled and in the end Kavala was wounded and forced to leave. Later he tried attacking the group again, only to fall unconscious due to overusage of his elemental power. He was captured by the crew of the Invincible and locked up in the Ga-Koro prison.

Meeting the PirakaEdit

Later, Kavala was released from his prison. Full of anger at what had been done to him, he went to Xa-Koro where he witnessed the Ga-Matoran operating it as an outpost. He decided to seek help in order to reclaim Xa-Koro and solve the mystery of the Vault. He went to Ko-Koro, where he met Iegasa, a fellow worshipper of Makuta. The two left for Xa-Koro and saw the Rockwall built in its place.

Kavala sent Iegasa to investigate and gather information on the Rockwall while he looked for useful tools and objects in the water surrounding the Kumu Islets. He found some old stone tablets that contained information on some scientific experiments and took them with him. He emerged in the southern tip of Le-Wahi and began waiting for Iegasa to meet him, but then encountered a Le-Matoran messenger who carried information about the Piraka and news that they had opened Makuta's Vault and were potentially sharing some of its secrets. Intrigued, Kavala left for Mangaia, leaving Iegasa in the Rockwall.

In Mangaia, Kavala found Hakann in one of the tunnels, along with Lash and Aurum who were fighting each other as a test from Hakann. A Toa of Gravity named Lunefeld was also present. Kavala decided to stay back and observe the battle, which was ended by Hakann. The Piraka made everyone kneel to him, but Kavala hesitated. Hakann threatened him and made him lie face down in the dirt. Kavala did his best to fight his pride and did what was demanded from him.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Style kavala

A stylized poster of Kavala.

Kavala is a mysterious villain. His personality is almost charming and friendly, but he has motives that no one knows about. He wants to crack open Makuta's vault, believing himself to be the chosen one of Makuta to do so. Although an efficient killer and fighter, Kavala more often resorts to trickery in order to confuse his opponents. Kavala is a very careful villain, always making sure that his fingerprints are in none of the crimes he commits. Although many suspect him as being evil, it has never been proven.

In the ruins of Xa-Koro, Kavala used to have tamed Tarakava that responded to him. After his long absence, however, the Tarakava went wild again and no longer obey Kavala. His Kanohi Kaukau allows him to breath underwater as he travels from one point of Xa-Koro to the next. Being a Toa of Earth, Kavala is naturally comfortable in tight quarters, has excellent night-vision and good digging skills.

His years of living in the water have taught Kavala to be a great swimmer, only surpassed by Toa of Water and well-trained Ga-Matoran. Kavala is at his strongest in wet, dark and tight conditions due to the combination of his mask, element and acquaintance with those conditions. This is why he prefers to stay in places like Xa-Koro, where earth and water are always near. He does not fare as well in open, dry or cold places. His eyes are also weak in bright light, though the visor of the Kaukau filters some light. As a melee fighter, his skills are average.


Kavala has black, somewhat rusty-looking armor. He is quite muscular, but is surprisingly agile, having trained himself by swimming around in the ruins of Xa-Koro.


Kavala holds a sword he calls the "Sword of Makuta" with great pride. The sword is large and durable and has symbols carved all over it. The two biggest symbols are those of an infected Hau and the Koro symbol of Xa-Koro, used to represent the village before it was sunken.



  • Makuta : Kavala considers himself Makuta's chosen to open the vault and reach Makuta's old secrets.
  • Iegasa: A fellow worshipper of Makuta.


  • Khervos: Enemies, due to Kavala's attempt to send Tarakava to kill him.
  • Tuli: Enemies, due to Kavala's attempt to send Tarakava to kill her.
  • Crew of the Infernavika: Kavala attacked the Infernavika and thus became enemies with the entire crew.
  • Crew of The Invincible: Kavala's attack on The Infernavika spurred the crew of the other major ship to also consider him an enemy.
    • Iraira: Enemies due to the attack on the expedition.
    • Mons Shajs: Enemies due to association with the diving expedition.


"Makuta knows all."
— Kavala


  • Kavala's theme song is Freedom Fighters from the movie Star Trek: Two Steps from Hell.

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