The Kyoshi Academic and Scientific Confederacy was once considered the pinnacle of the Archipelago's science. Due to events that occurred during the last Fursic uprising, the confederacy has fallen into great disrepair.


At a certain point in the history of the empire, a group of clans that had been absorbed into the Dastana broke off from the clan and proclaimed their independence. Claiming that the Dastana's focus on commerce was stifling their true potential as scholars and inventors, the remnants of these clans formed a loose confederacy of scholars that would later be dubbed as Kyoshi. Dividing themselves into several sub-guilds, the Confederacy would become renowned for their discoveries, eventually coming to the point where they ran their own universities and libraries.

Shortly before the last Fursic uprising, internal quarreling broke out inside the confederacy over the Confederacy's experimentation with biological and chemical weapons, weapons which were unveiled when war broke out. The vicious application of these technologies outraged the Fursics, who retaliated by declaring total war, resulting in massive losses for Kyoshi. The previous Toroshu had been killed during the war, leaving her daughter Minami in her place. Shortly after her ascension, the Confederacy more or less split, with each sub-clan vying for leadership of the Confederacy.


Kyoshi's territory is scattered across the archipelago, with their holdings being several academies on each island. Their main academy is on Odaiba near Ageru territory; this academy is controlled by the Amakusa sub-clan. The Confederacy also owns several shops in the Sado marketplace.


Kyoshi is split into the following sub-clans:

-Amakusa: specializing in medicine and chemical engineering. Current population sits around 25

-Matou: specializing in culinary arts. Current population sits around 215.

-Sasaki: specializing in history and literature studies. Current population sits around 85.

-Yamada: Specializing in mechanical engineering. Current population sits around 175

Inter-Clan RelationsEdit

Ever since the Confederacy fractured, Kyoshi's relationship with the other clans has been shaky. The Umbralines don't consider them a threat, and vice versa, but the two clans aren't the best of allies other. The Fursics detest the Confederacy as a whole, namely due to the inhumane actions committed by the Confederacy during the last uprising. The Dastana view them as an allied economic partner as well as distant cousins, so all of the factions still possess strong ties to the Dastana, regardless of their other loyalties.

Notable MembersEdit


-Kyoshi Amakusa Minami-Toroshu

-Kyoshi Amakusa Seiryu-First Son and Chancellor


-Kyoshi's name is based on the Japanese word for dogma/doctrine/tenet: 教旨

-The Kyoshi Confederacy was created by Constructman

-Players are free to make their own sub-clans; send a pm to Constructman for more details

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