The world of the BZPRPG is set mainly on islands in the Endless Ocean. This Atlas charts their various locations and geographical features.

The Endless OceanEdit

The Endless Ocean is, as far as anyone can tell, endless. The only known landmasses are isolated islands, so few and far between that their respective inhabitants have only recently discovered that they were not alone on the Ocean.

Only two lands are known: the island of Mata Nui, home of the Matoran civilisation, and the Kentoku Archipelago, home to the Dasaka Empire. They are separated by so large a stretch of water (Mata Nui to the west, Kentoku to the east) that neither is visible from the other, even on the horizon.

The ocean itself is saltwater, and home to various aquatic Rahi. Corals and seaweed grow on the sandy ocean floor.


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