Love Indigo






Mask of Healing


True Good




Control over Plantlife, Healing


Temporary Leader of the Emotional Spectrum


Emotional Spectrum


Nitro Frost

Love Indigo is the Embodiment of Love on the Emotional Spectrum team.


Love was once an esteemed doctor in medicines, who just happened to have a split personality. She eventually came up with a potion to remedy this fact, but it resulted in her splitting in two, Mardi and Love. Love kept the aptitude for Healing, as well as unconcentrated love for most living beings, and Mardi got the rest of the barrel. She eventually helped found the Emotional Spectrum, which broke up prior to the Cataclysm.


Upon arrival on the island, Love was thrown into a circle of events that would eventually end up with her fusing, once more, with Mardi. The new being, dubbed, 'LoveMardi', had Love's Personality dominant. She searched the island after being calmed down by Ariga, as she had not had to cope with so many emotions in years. She eventually seperated near the Mangai, and traversed the jungles of Le-wahi to see if she could find the Spectrum. Along the way, she teamed up with Pourge Franz, a Ta-matoran who had caused trouble for Le-koro years prior. He was captured by Nui-Rama, and the two attacked the hive. With the help of the captured matoran, the two broke them out, escaping from the hive relatively unscathed.

Reunited with the SpectrumEdit

Love and Mardi then continued to travel to the Koro, but not before running into Despair, who was quickly drafted into the team. Upon arrival in the Koro, Love became witness to Yghari's amazing feats of agility. She gave him a recomendation to join the team, trying to be a little more subdued in drafting people into the team.


Love is entirely purple, with her Mask of Healing shaped like a Hau. She is very pacifistic, and will never harm something unless it is absolutely required for her to do so. She is very lightly armored, to make moving and healing easier.


Love, as a Toa of Plantlife, has control of plants, and is well-versed in doing so. She is also able to heal most wounds, being a former doctor and all.



  • Everyone who isn't a meanie
  • The Emotional Spectrum
  • Mardi
  • Yghari
  • Despair
  • Pourge
  • Ariga




  • When a Willpower isn't avalible in the Spectrum, as the most experienced member of the Spectrum, she takes command over the rest...somehow.
  • It is very hard to get love to not like you. That says something about Makuta.

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