The Mangai Expedition is a group of adventurers and guards investigating mysterious murders in the depths of the Mangai Volcano, among other things. The group was formed in chapter 3 of Arc 2.


Arc 2Edit

  • The Mangai Expedition group is assembled in Ta-Koro, Sanguivox's hut.
  • Loraan explains their mission.[1]
  • The group enters the volcano.[2]
  • They find the right tunnel.[3]
  • They find and fix a collapsed bridge, forming bonds within the team.
  • Two dead bodies are found, both with strange plant pods and the backs of their heads.


  • Loraan (Ghosthands)
  • Sanguivox (Dallior08)
  • Miya (Tiragath)
  • Lucira (Yukiko)
  • Tarotrix (Mr. House)
  • Vaisaga (The Purple God)
  • Drararius (The Irrational Rock)
  • Mirin (The UltimoScorp)
  • Hile (Toatapio Nuva)
  • Dakku (Daniel the Finlander)
  • Venemi (Sil)
  • Tharros (Rorschach)
  • Alsorate (Tea-Rex)

Reference postsEdit

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