Mangai seen from the jungles of Le-Wahi.

Mangai Volcano is the active volcano at the center of the island.


An active volcano, Mangai provides a consistent lava flow within Ta-Wahi.  It is one of the largest mountains on the island, the other being Mt. Ihu in Ko-Wahi.  A popular sport among the Ta-matoran is lava-surfing, where they ride the waves of liquid rock from the mountain's crest to the valley below.  Lava-Farmers also harvest the protodermis used in making tools in Ta-Koro forges.


Arc 1Edit

  • Soli's Forge set up shop nearby Mangai volcano, using the powers of the lava to aid in heating.
  • A station for the cable car between Ta-Wahi and Ko-Wahi is on Mt. Mangai's NE slope, along the Tren Krom Break.

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