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"How about we stop worrying about our music career and start worrying about what we're supposed to be doing. The gates are open, the way is free, let's see what that ever so elusive temptress known as adventure has in store for us today."
— Melna to Lux and Day upon the dawn of their adventures

Melna is an energetic and adventurous Lesterin from Le-Koro and a member of the Gravity Trio.

Melna, Lesterin of Gravity


Lesterin, Female


Ba, Gravity Elemental


Great Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel


Lawful Good


Spear, Short Swords


Passive Elemental Traits, Quick Travel, Athleticism


Kewa Bird Racer (formerly)


Gravity Trio





Melna was a small-time athlete in Le-Koro, participating in Kewa Bird Racing first of all. She was never any sort of breakout star, but she was a solid player. She somewhat recently moved to a small back-end alley of the Koro, where she ended up living next to fellow Gravity elementals Helios and Colx. It was mainly thanks to Melna's good humour and positivity that the three sound found themselves an odd little trio of friends. Although Melna didn't know that she'd become the object of a very one-sided crush from the Disk Maker Helios.

When Helios one day showed up as a Toa. The former mercenary Colx took both of them under his wing for real and thaught them to fight and survive. Melna in particular recieved a lot of combat training since she didn't have any powers to fall back on. After completed training, Helios and Melna went their separate ways for a while, while Colx remained at home and opened a gym

2013 arcEdit

First impressionsEdit

Melna was quick to find herself thrown right into the fray of her new adventuring ways. Hitting it off with De-Toa loner Day and Po-Matoran blackmsith Lux. They decided to join Melna on her trek around the island. And if someone were keeping score, it is notable that the Po-Matoran Lux very rapidly developed a crush on Melna much like Helios once had. Melna herself quickly found that both Lux and Day were interesting people to be around. After their preparations were finished they went to Onu-Koro

The Mundane UndergroundEdit

The Terrific Three found themselves somewhat stunted in Onu-Koro, with the only noteworthy occurence being Melna reading out loud one of her letters from Colx, in which he revealed that he thought Melna was out of Lux's league, and that he suspected Day had a few skeletons in his closet. The end result was the two deciding that an eventual meeting with the rough-mouthed Skakdi of Gravity was in order.

The Trials of LuxEdit

The group since move to Po-Wahi, and by complete accident the bumbling, clumsy Lux got separated from Melna and Day, on top of that getting himself attached to a Parakuka. Despite being rushed to a hospital one he was found, the entire experience gave Melna a solid blow to her positivity, and she's still not quite herself again.

Appearance and ToolsEdit


Melna is an agile Lesterin of average height, with a distinctly athletic body and a "curvy" appearance. She fits the bill of what most people would consider attractive; lithe, fit and with form-fitting, sleek armor. She's usually seen with a very wide grin plastered across her face. Her walk is usually one of bubbly enthusiasm and high spirits, and her humour usually good and sunny.

Tools and EquipmentEdit

Melna's main armament is her spear; made of a light, yet durable protosteel alloy that allows for pretty good freedom of movement. She also wields a pair of short swords to be used in more close quarters.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Due to the physical demands of a professional athlete, Melna is very agile, and has impeccable conditioning, accuracy and sense of balance thanks to her training. She's fairly strong, not outrageously so, and has excellent reflexes and speed as well.

Melna, the Adventurer
Melna, the Adventurer
Oletheking2Added by Oletheking2

She's recieved a very thorough training in the ways of using the various weapons that Colx has granted her. Colx reasoned that since Melna will be less powerful than some of the other people on the island she might end up on the bad side of, Colx could only in good conscience drill her in as many skills as possible. Because of this, Melna possesses a lot of knowledge about fighting with any of her weapons, in addition to a number of others should the situation require it, as well as unarmed fighting.

To say she's a master of weapons would be a massive overstatement, but she knows her way around a lot of them, the weapons she actually has on her person in particular.

As a Lesterin of Gravity, Melna has a strong resistance to pressure, and can also lift (and consequently, throw) objects that'd normally be far too heavy for her to lift, like large rocks, tree trunks, particularly heavy opponents etc. Like other Lesterin Melna also has a very strong digestive system that gives her a notable resistance to toxins, like alcohol or outright poisons.

Fighting Style

Melna makes good use of her Kualsi to move swiftly across a battlefield, and relies on her training, although she's liable to go off the rails with a crazy idea or reckless gamble now and then

Personality and TraitsEdit

Melna is a reckless and carefree, though ultimately kind, Lesterin who's willing to help those who ask for it, so long as the promise of excitement is in the air. She loves being so good at what she does and never backs down from a challenge. She's a very active and positive person, rarely sitting still, and even more rarely letting sadness or anger coming to show on her face. She has a strong friendship with Colx and Helios, and is very loyal to them.


Friends and AlliesEdit







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