The Monorail Bombing occured during the beginning of the 2013 arc, and was an act of sabotage against Ta-Koro's monorail system by the mercenary Akriin.


Vo-Toa Akriin, a mercenary, was hired by an Onu-Matoran to damage the Ta-Koro monorail system using a remote device and photothermic (or Stralix) powder. He traveled to Ta-Koro, laid the device, and pulled the trigger after leaving the area for Ko-Koro and payment.


  • Bomb planted and detonated by Akriin.  Akriin then flees to Ko-Koro and hides.
  • Ta-Koro Guard's investigative division appears on the scene, using a kanohi of psychometry to luckily gain a glimpse of the saboteur.  
  • Akiri Jaller receives the briefing documents and summons Angelus and Oreius.  The two toa of fire are sent on a mission to retrieve the bomber.  Angelus brings along Kino Iho and Liacada, a former Bad Company member and Guard consultant,  to round the squad out into a party of four.  
  • Traveling to Ko-Koro the group finds Akriin sleeping in the snow.  He surrenders willingly and is taken to Ta-Koro.
  • In a special room, Akriin is questioned by Akiri Jaller but refuses any attempts for peaceful divulsion of his employer, stating he should die for the good of all.  In a cold fury Jaller lets Kino Iho take over the interrogation and leaves.  


The investigation of the Monorail bombing is still ongoing for Ta-Koro.  However, after the Akiri Summit and the renewal of peace between the Koros, little has happened.

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