The 'Nightfall' is an elite group of Makuta-worshipping villains.


All contacts of Echelon, the 'Nightfall' are a small special force. They formed specifically to carry out what they believe to be Makuta's will.


In-Game BiographyEdit

2013 ArcEdit

  • Echelon tested antidermis on himself, gaining startling new powers and appearance.
  • Echelon administered antidermis to Kohra, who then was able to break out of prison with her regained powers.  
  • Nightfall was finally seen in full form in Kini-Nui, interrupting a fight between Greisk and Syvra.  After taking Greisk hostage Agrona drugged the toa into unconsciousness and then sealed his mouth shut with her kanohi of healing.
  • The group forges The Mangaia Pact with The Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an and the Piraka. Their first action as a group was to assault Ko-Koro, commencing in the Battle of Ko-Koro.

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