Nokama's Hut was the home of Turaga Nokama, once leader of Ga-Koro until her murder at the hands of Bad Company.

Location Description Edit

Nokama's Hut

The hut during Nokama's life.

Nokama's Hut is located in the center of Ga-Koro, close to the markets and the garrison for the Marines. The dwelling is built in the old style dome, and made of lily-pads like all the earliest buildings in the village. Inside, there is the traditional hole for diving into the ocean, and the deceased Turaga's possessions are arranged neatly alongside the newer items of Leah Maru.

In-Game History Edit

Book 1 Edit

  • Most of Turaga Nokama's proclamations and appearances happened within the confines of her hut.

Book 2 Edit

  • Since the banishing of Makuta, Rhea Maru has lived in Nokama's Hut. She keeps the place tidy, and leaves Nokama's belongings untouched.

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