The Nui-Rama Hive Assault was an attack on the Nui-Rama Hive by Mata Nui's pro-Koro forces, at which Heuani first appeared, the Turaga rampaged and were revealed to be parasitized and the Hive was destroyed to leave the Suva-Nui.


The Nui-Rama Hive was a bastion of evil, remotely raiding the Matoran with hosts of Nui-Rama wearing infected Kanohi. Recognizing this, Island Liberation Force member Trakuda suggested that its destruction become an objective of the group, and his idea became top priority. Messengers were sent to the different Koros in order to gather allies for a large-scale attack on the Nui-Rama hive, which led to a large amount of warriors gathering in the village at Lake Pala.





  • The battle involved three members of the future Toa Maru: Reordin, Sulov and Leah.
  • The battle also introduced the game to Parakuka.

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