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The Nuju-Marion Hospital from above, freely sketched during construction. The courtyard out front and passages are not shown.

The Nuju-Marion Research Hospital is a hospital just outside Ko-Koro.

Location DescriptionEdit

The Nuju-Marion Research Hospital belongs to the larger Academy, and is located a short walk from the walls of Ko-Koro and connected through an underground ice passageway, guarded by members of the Sanctum Guard.  The hospital is run by a Doctor Gabel; an alias for the paranoid toa of water Riaril.  Lotus blossoms are carved in relief, used as the shapes of pillars, loom in the buttresses, decorate the tiled roof that slopes upward to cast off snow.  The NMRH is a complex of two wings extended from a central tower (see illustration).  The hospital is a short walk from Ko-Kor, and can be accessed through an underground passageway between the locales, guarded and gated at on the koro side.  

The North Wing and TowerEdit

Home to the pharmacy and outpatient care along the wing, and medicinal gardens grown within the tower.  

The South Wing and TowerEdit

Patients in recovery or long term care find a cotton comforter and spring cot in the South Wing.  

The CoreEdit

Medical records, the central elevator shaft, and the front desk all rest in the core of the building, along with private offices for the medical staff, and an entire floor serving as a home for Riaril.  


The small western protrusion towers above the rest of the hospital, and holds the micrsocopy, laboratory, and other research facitilies.


The NM Research Hospital was constructed by the architect Ambages for Ko-Koro as part of a larger complex of learning and research.  The construction began during the end of Makuta's reign and finished a few months afterward.  


  • Doctor Gabel: Head doctor and primary 
  • Mute lesterin pharmasist: a lesterin who does not speak, preferring the use of writing to communicate formulas for prescriptions.  
  • Assistant Majit: a typical ko-matoran mans the front desk, taking charge of the hiring of new employees and archiving of medical records/payment.  


  • "Widgets": a mysterious toa who sustained numerous injuries before being brought to the hospital for treatment.  
  • Kol Uskey: ussalman brought for treatment by Sulov Maru after a battle against the Lord Of Winter, Hiemalis .
  • Akiri Matoro: Brought in for an autopsy after his assassination.
  • Deceased De-Matoran: autopsy.
  • Greisk: lacerations.
  • Kiara: burns
  • Veraith: lacerations
  • Ishi Polzin : broken legs, fixed with a kanohi sana. 
  • Icha: a Sanctum Guard with several burns.
  • Cetis: a toa heavily wounded from a fall.


  • The architectural basis of the NMRH is derived from both French high Gothic and Tibetan religious structures, though incorporating elements from the Bionicle world itself into the inner workings, such as the primitive elevators and wind-mill power generators.
  • The NMRH was created by EmperorWhenua and was run and world-built by Kughii, who played Riaril.

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