The Old Fusa Path cuts through the grasslands between Ga- and Ta-Koro.

The Old Fusa Path is a well-travelled roadway, connecting Ga-Koro and Ta-Koro.


The Old Fusa Path runs southward directly out of the gates of Ga-Koro, where a the path branches almost immediately into a roadway of the Great Mata Nui Highway, looping back north into Po-Wahi.

Further down the path, a small bridge spans the gap between cliff faces; the Hura-Mafa River churns below.

Past the bridge, the Path continues on in a south-southeasterly direction, passing right through the open grasslands between Ga-Koro and Ta-Koro. Closer to Ta-Koro, the path is intersected by Sky's Heights Way, leading up into the mountains of Ko-Wahi.

Past the intersection, the Path bends quite sharply, heading directly east to the borders of the northern Charred Forest. A branch to the northeast, the Ta-Wahi Beach Path, runs parallel to the Forest's edge. At this point, the path becomes unmarked, leading through the Forest and to Ta-Koro.

Description Edit

The Old Fusa Path is haggard and sparsely marked. Traditionally underdeveloped, the Path is a simple dirt path; slightly rutted and clearly visible amidst the grassy areas it cuts through. Harakeke and bamboo trees line the rocky areas and cliff-faces around the parts of the path closest to Ga-Koro. Past the bridge, the path ventures into grassy hills, before seeming to fade away closer to the border of the Charred Forest.  

Old Fusa Path to Ga-Wahi beach

The Old Fusa Path near Ga-Koro.

In-Game HistoryEdit

2012 ArcEdit

2013 ArcEdit

  • The Onu-Koro ambassador traveled via the path to visit with Akiri Hahli .
  • Ambages and his escort used the Old Fusa Path to reach Ga-Wahi to speak with Akiri Hahli.

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