Turaga Onewa
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Noble Komau




Stone Hammer


Turaga of Po-Koro (Formerly; now deceased)




LEGO, played by Nuju Metru

Turaga Onewa was the elder of Po-Koro during Arc 1, until he was assassinated.


  • Onewa assigns guards to protect Hafu after hearing of the assassination of Tamaru.[1]
  • Onewa falls ill.[2]
  • Onewa receives a cure for the sickness.[3]
  • Onewa is kidnapped from Po-Koro.[4]
  • The Turaga are kept in Mangaia and attached to Parakuka.[5]
  • During the Battle of the Hive, the Turaga are awakened and, being temporarily high with the power of the Parakuka, are used by Makuta as pawns.[6]
  • They are detained and wake up back in full mental health.[7]
  • Onewa returns to Po-Koro.
  • The Bad Company arrives to assassinate Onewa, but Inu kills Onewa first by absorbing all his life energy and escaping.[8]



Little is known of Turaga Onewa, or of any of the original leaders of the six Koros for that matter, before the awakening of the Matoran on the island of Mata-Nui. As the leader of Po-Koro, Onewa was a wise Turaga who took counsel with all.

Arc 1Edit

During the years of Makuta's reign, Onewa and all the other Turaga were captured and became hosts to Parakuka slugs. After being released during the Rama Hive Attack by the ILF (ILS at that time), the Turaga were kept in Pala-Koro as a safety measure for a time. Finally, Onewa and his fellows were returned to their koro, only to be assassinated one by one by members of Bad Company. Onewa was never actually assassinated. In fear of the approaching assassins, Onewa's Parakuka, Inu, sucked away his life force and killed him, escaping in the process.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Onewa was known as The Referee for the time it took for him to arrive at a decision. However, his decisions were never disputed. Being a Turaga of stone, Onewa had very limited control of stone. His noble Komau allowed him to control the minds of others.



  • The Turaga: Fellow leaders of their respective koros and deep friends, closely bonded as if family.
  • Toa Mata: the original heroes of Mata-Nui who failed in their destiny, later to be successfully completed by the Toa Maru.
  • Hewkii: Onewa's right-hand Matoran and aide.
  • Followers of Mata-Nui: All who believed in peace and light were allies and friends of Turaga Onewa.


  • Makuta: Harbinger of destruction and shadow, Turaga Onewa stood as a bastion against his power in Po-Koro.
  • Followers of Shadow and bringers of destruction: Those who would do harm to others or followed the wills of the Master Of Shadows.

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