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"The Akiri don't care about their citizens anymore than the Turaga did. They only care about the power they enjoy. And that's why I'm going to do something about it. I'm going to make your little society crumble, and that's just the first step."
— Onoraza to Tarian

Onoraza, Kidnapper
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Granite Sword, Zamor launcher




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Toatapio Nuva

Onoraza is a cruel female Skakdi who holds a deep grudge against all Matoran.


For an unknown reason, Onoraza spent a long time in the most infamous prison of Onu-Koro, where she was maltreated by the Onu-Matoran guards. She was eventually released, but she had developed a deep hatred towards all Matoran.

Ko-Koro AssaultEdit

When Ko-Koro was attacked by Echelon's forces, Onoraza was near the village simply on a scouting trip of her own. She was pleased to witness a battle and immediately joined it, starting to fight against all Matoran and their allies. She ended up in a fight with the Toa of Ice named Dahkapa. The two battled for a long while before a Fe-Matoran named Londar interfered.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Onoraza hates all Matoran. This hatred makes her acitons crude and uncalculated. She believes she can make a change through coercion and threat and wishes to destroy the Matoran civilization. At the same time she is smart enough to realize she cannot kill all Matoran and therefore resorts to kidnapping and threats to achieve her ends.

She is much shorter than the usual Skakdi, but possesses a bit more armor, making her look akward and bulky. Even though she is a female, her voice is surprisingly deep and gruffy. She is often considered unattractive even by Skakdi standards.

Onoraza's element is mangetism. She can use this power only in conjunction with another Skakdi. Her sophoric vision causes fatigue in the target and prolonged exposure will cause actual sleep.

Granite SwordEdit

Onoraza carries with her what she calls the "Granite Sword". The handle of the sword has granite engravings on it, earning the weapon its name. The sword is heavy and sharp, used by Onoraza mainly for ambush attacks.

Zamor launcherEdit

Onoraza owns a Zamor launcher with Zamors containing small amounts of elemental plantlife power. When the sphere hits its target, it unleashes the energy and creates vines to wrap around the target. The vines are strong enough to fully incapacitate a Matoran, but any stronger being can tear free, albeit with some difficulty.


Onoraza MOC

The Onoraza MOC.


  • None yet


  • Dahkapa: Fought him during the Ko-Koro Assault.
  • Londar: Became enemies during the Ko-Koro Assault.
  • All Matoran


"You know, it's funny how Matoran and especially Toa always think they are doing the right thing. As if being the most populous species on this island gives them the right to do whatever they want."
— Onoraza to Dahkapa


  • Onoraza was created at a time when Kavala was forced into inactivity by his imprisonment. However, Onoraza was played with for only a very short time before she was discarded. She was later brought back into the game to join the Ko-Koro Assault.
  • Onoraza is Toatapio Nuva's first MOC made specifically for the BZPRPG.

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