The Path of Prophecies in an early state, at one of its numerous branches.

The Path of Prophecies is a road stretching between Naho Bay and Po-Koro, laden with carvings made by the local Po-Koronans.

Location Edit

The Path of Prophecies is Mata Nui's shortest roadway, though it intersects with and branches off to a great deal of other transport routes.

The southernmost part of the Path of Prophecies begins at a small port (reachable by way of the Ga-Koro Ferry) located at the terminus of an inlet in the northern coast of Naho Bay.

From the port, the Path of Prophecies leads northwest into Tiro Canyon, straight to Po-Koro. However, several branches along the Path lead to or from other roads or locations.

Just before the Path enters Tiro Canyon, the Path branches. The left branch (from the port) leads to the rest of the Path, while the right branch leads north to the Po-Wahi Quarry.

Following the left branch, the Path continues northwest. After a short distance from the first branch, a section of the Great Mata Nui Highway, connecting to the Old Fusa Path, intersects with and terminates at the Path of Prophecies.


The section of the Path of Prophecies leading up to Po-Koro's gates.

Continuing northwest for another short distance, the Path branches once more. The right branch leads uninterrupted into Po-Koro, while the left branch first crosses a section of the Iron Mahi tracks, then leads to the Po-Onu-Wahi border, where one can enter a short underground highway down to Onu-Koro. Another branch from the same section of the Great Mata Nui Highway (leading to the Old Fusa Path) also terminates midway along the (second) left branch.

Description Edit

The Path of Prophecies is routinely cared for and decorated by Po-Koronan carvers and sculptors. The Path is paved with smooth, flat stone tiles, and features numerous carvings, from the simple, to the monolithic all along its length. Carved stone signs indicate which branch of the path leads to where and by what road.

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