Photothermic Powder

A small bowl of the powder.

Photothermic Powder, more commonly known as Stralix Powder, is a powerful explosive developed by the inventor Stralix.


The powder is made by separately mixing powdered Heatstones and Lightstones with soot, and then mixing these together. It is black-grey in appearance, due to the crystals being covered in soot.

As the ingredients are inexpensive, Photothermic Powder is cheaper to produce than traditional Madu gunpowder, and also safer and more effective than Madu Cabolo products.


When a Heatstone and a Lightstone are held together, the Heatstone will give off greater heat, due to energy transfer from the Lighstone. If the crystals are powdered, however, then there is a much greater surface area for energy transfer, so more energy is transferred, much more quickly. This causes rapid expansion and ignition of the surrounding air: an explosion.  This is known as the photothermic effect.

In Photothermic Powder, the crystal grains are coated in soot, which prevents the energy transfer. However, if the grains are compressed (by an impact, for example), then the soot is ground off to reveal the surfaces of the grains, which then cause an explosion. The same will happen if the grains come into contact with a naked flame.

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