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Chaotic Evil




Avak, Hakann, Reidak, Thok, Vezok, Zaktan


Makuta's Vault.



The Piraka are a group of evil Skakdi.



Not much is known of the Piraka's history, save at one point in their career they became infamous in the lands of the Dasaka, enough so to warrant a military search party for their capture.  

Arc 2Edit

Soon after the Piraka's arrival on Mata Nui, Vezok got into a brawl with several vigilantes in Ta-Koro and was captured by the Guard. Meanwhile, the Piraka killed a Toa and Matoran who attempted to break into the gang's bungalow on the Ta-Wahi coast. Afterwards Zaktan led the Piraka to Ta-Koro with the goal of breaking Vezok out of prison (who had, unbeknownst to them, already escaped).

The Piraka's attack was as destructive as it was sudden. They began by blowing up the Lavapool Inn, throwing the Koro into panic and putting the Guard on high alert. The individual Piraka spread out through the village, tearing up or defiling well-known locations (such as Ta-Kini and Stralix's Workshop), until the timely arrival of the Toa Maru began to turn the tide. Zaktan realised they were too evenly matched with the Toa team, and pulled the gang out.

The Piraka fled the Koro in another destructive rampage, with the Maru hot on their heels, until they managed to escape down the local Dark Walk, which they collapsed behind them. Using Antidermis, the Piraka were able to corrupt the Abettor and proceeded to invade Makuta's Vault.



All Piraka wield Zamor Launchers equipped with Jitter Sphere ammunition.

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