A ramshackle beach house built from scrap submarine parts and driftwood by the six Piraka.  

Location DescriptionEdit

The bungalow is perched like a parasite on the shore of Ta-Wahi, digging its precarious frame into the sands.  All six piraka live in the bungalow, and a perpetual mess of scrap parts and garbage clogs what could be called the front yard.  Stepping inside the front door is a spacious living room with a worn and beat up couch and a likewise treated coffee table.  There's a small kitchen attached and several small rooms like petals of a flower where each skakdi sleeps and lives in chaotic community.  

In-Game HistoryEdit

  • The Piraka arrive on the shores of Ta-wahi and construct a bungalow from the surrounding materials.  
  • A few fools attack the bungalow and are killed.
  • A matoran is captured and used as a slave for the bungalow.

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