The Caravan Path entering the the Motara Desert.

The Po-Koro - Ostia Caravan runs between the two villages, delivering goods to and from either location.

Location Edit

The Caravan runs in a general northeast direction from Po-Koro up to Ostia, on the coast of Leva Bay.

From Po-Koro, the Caravan follows the contours of Tiro Canyon northward, before bending eastward into the drifts and dunes of the Motara Desert.

After several kio of travelling east, the path bends north up into Ostia.

Description Edit

Within Tiro Canyon, the Caravan route follows old, unused sections of the Path of Prophecies, with only a few sculptures or carving marking the sides of the road. When the path heads into the Motara Desert, the flat, rocky desert gives way to rolling sand dunes, making traversing the path difficult. Further into the desert, where the dunes become much, much larger, the path disappears amongst dunes. Stone and flag markers continue the path from this point until the dunes flatten back out into dry salt flats near Ostia, where the path reappears.


The Caravan Path closer to Po-Koro.

In-Game History Edit

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