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Quada was a Toa of Magnetism from Ga-Koro who originally worked as a fisherman before joining the Ancora .


Quada was a rather eccentric being, a trait of his which was shown by his incredibly strange style of doing things. He liked being unpredictable, which was rather annoying for his friends and companions. He was also incredibly optimistic, cheerful and bouncy, which irritated others at times. He had an obsession with fish, leading to his rather detailed knowledge of many species of it. He was also rather honest, rarely lying.

To fully sum up his personality, a good description would be that he was naive.


Quada appeared to be an average Toa of Magnetism, with black and gunmetal coloured armour. His torso was a gunmetal colour, and he had black limbs, which shared a colour with his mask, which covered his golden eyes.


Early LifeEdit

Quada was originally a normal fisherman in Ga-Koro, spending most of his time fishing for, well, fish and selling them to stores in order to gain funds. One day he ended up becoming a Toa, and he realised that he would be able to become a protector of all fish and Matoran everywhere, leading to him becoming Ga-Koro's resident crazy Toa.

Meeting DurimEdit

One day while fishing, Quada met Durim, who had come to him to collect a debt his brother owed. Being a somewhat kind person, he decided to help pay off his brother's debt by following the other Toa. The duo later met another Toa, starting off what could be called a primitive team of Toa.


During the defense of Ko-Koro , Quada died fighting a Rahkshi .

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elemental PowersEdit

As a Toa of Magnetism, Quada was able to create magnetic fields, or manipulate already existing ones. He could also shoot giant lasers of magnetism.*

Mask PowersEdit

Due to his wearing of a Kanohi Zatth, the Mask of Summoning, he could mentally call creatures compatible to the region he was in to his side.

Tools and WeaponsEdit

Quada wielded a warhammer that also served as his Toa tool.


Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Durim
  • Vilok
  • Raehn
  • Ancora


  • N/A


  • Quada is based off a character also named Quada in the BIONICLE RPG Techna.
  • He was good at cooking.
  • Quada was the first of the Ancora to die in battle.

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