After Makuta's defeat Radio technology was one of the many technological advancements.

Technology Description Edit

Radio technology was designed by Onu-Koro inventors and given first to Po-Koro for communication across the massive Motara Desert. It works on the same principles as real-world radio technology, and runs on solar or kinetic energy.

General Notes Edit

  • Onu-Koro installed radio technology throughout the numerous tunnels in Onu-Wahi as a warning/monitoring system.
  • Po-Koro uses Radio Relay towers to transmit messages across the vast desert. These towers are carved into the stone cliffs and spires of the region.
  • Po-Koro gave limited radio access privileges to Ko-Koro.
  • Po-Koro was suspected by Jaller for the bombing of the Mono-Rail because radio technology was used in the sabotage for remote detonation.

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