Bow with a special set of Arrows. Twin Daggers.


Mark of Hope






Toa Onarax

Salvinn is a Vortixx archer who wears the Mark of Hope.



Salvinn woke up in the middle of a forest one day not knowing how he got there, or who he was. Soon after waking he stumbled upon a poor village, which upon entering activated the mark on his arm. He charged out of the village, and raided a bandit camp, giving the money to the villagers. This filled them with hope, thus filling him with power. He soon realized this was an easy way to gain hope, and became a sort of Robin Hood to the people.

Saving SeptimusEdit

Later Salvinn would leave that village, feeling that he had used up all the hope they had to offer. Instead he traveled around the Island. One day he discovered a Toa attacking a Matoran, and decided to intervene and bring hope to the Matoran.

Meeting CerseiEdit

A New ArrowEdit

Fighting the MystixEdit

The Trip to GaEdit

Meeting a New MarkbearerEdit

The Magic BoatEdit

Trials of the MindEdit

A Shattered Mind, Body, and SoulEdit

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Tall and slim. Has a black under armor, with a dark green over layer, and purple highlights. All of which are designed to help blend in the tops of trees. On his right arm, which is usually covered by the bracer he wears for shooting, is a pulsing green Mark of unknown origin.

He carries with a special Bow with the following arrows:

  • Net Arrow - Sets of three arrows fired simultaneously with a net connecting the three.
  • Fire Arrow - Flint arrowhead coated with powder which catches on fire upon hitting a striker on the bow.
  • Exploding Arrow - After working with Stralix , Salvinn created Exploding Arrows, by first filling Bamboo with Stralix's powder. Then he attached a Flint arrowhead. Once the fire burns through the Bamboo, it ignites the powder creating an explosion. The freshness of the Bamboo determins the time before the explosion.

Also carries twin daggers for close combat.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Friends and AlliesEdit




  • Parts of Salvinn's personality are based off of Robin Hood, his weapon choices are based off of Legolas.
  • He is the second Mark Bearer in the Game.

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