Feminine / Female






Transparent-crystal machete, transparent-crystal dagger, grey-crystal machete, grey-crystal hunting knife


Great Akaku


Neutral Good


Retainer of Toroshu Nihonei


Emissary to the Void

Saritsu, a Dasaka of Clan Eiyu and occasionally known as "The Wild Woman," is the sister, retainer and Twin Soul partner of Toroshu Nihonei.

History Edit

Saritsu grew up alongside her sister, Nihonei -- whom she affectionately dubbed "Nini" as a child -- in the lands of Clan Eiyu on the island of Odaiba. While her sister trained in the discipline of Sighteye, the headstrong and rambunctious Saritsu chose to become a Mindarm. However, the two joined together to become partners in the art of "Twin Souls;" an Ideatalk technique closely guarded by the Eiyu. Despite being retainer to her sister, the new Toroshu, she would often set off on expeditions into the wilderness of the Archipelago on a moment's notice, sometimes for months at a time. However, Saritsu and her sister remained very close in spite of this habit.

Game Timeline Edit

Season Two Edit

Twin Souls -- Together Again Edit

  • After a length expedition in the the wilderness of the Archipelago, during which she missed the assassination of Yusanora Umbraline, Saritsu returned to the Eiyu homestead on Odaiba to learn that her sister had ended up on a quest led by First Son Kulrik Vilda on Iki.
  • She caught up with the questers -- which included First Son Jiyu Herupa, Seigyo Herupa, and Shuuan Plangori -- in the geyser fields of Iki, after they had just been attacked by a group of assassins, and what followed was a nice reunion between her and her sister.
  • The two departed for Odaiba, Nihonei determining that the jurisdiction of Clan Eiyu took precedence over looking for clues regarding the Children of Zataka.

Wanderers Edit

  • Returning to the Eiyu homestead on Odaiba, Saritsu encountered the ronin, Inazuma Tetsu. The two, who would later be accompanied by Toroshu Nihonei, proceeded in a witty repartee.

Appearance and Tools Edit

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