"You cannot destroy Nothing, but Nothing can destroy you."
— Makuta

Second Battle of Mangaia


Toa Maru fight Makuta to end his reign




Toa Maru


Toa Maru

The Second Battle of Mangaia was the battle between the Toa Maru and Makuta at the end of Arc 1 that resulted in Makuta being banished into Legend.


  • Toa Maru enter Mangaia
  • They defeat the Manas
  • The Toa Maru face the Toa Mata, in their dark forms
  • Makuta reveals the Toa Mata's failure to the Maru
  • Makuta tempts the Maru into betrayal while attacking them, but the Maru persist
  • Stannis banishes Makuta into Legend with his Hiripaki.

Involved CharactersEdit


"Dark ropes lashed towards them; they'd expected as much. What they hadn't expected was the other prong of the darkness's assault, the strategy that had felled Kopaka: an attack on their minds. Each of the Maru was shown their worst fears multiplied, their greatest desires fulfilled. One was a threat, the other a promise; both were incredibly compelling. The visions were irresistible, just like Heuani had been. Makuta's attack began."
— Narrator

"What Mata Nui gives you cannot take away. It is everlasting. You can inhabit a room crafted for me but there will come a time that you cannot remain and it shall be reclaimed. What is darkness but the absence of the light? Let it be known that light has returned and demands what is due to it. Mata Nui chose us, chose me, to be his messengers and deliverers, his righteous paladins who would cast you from your inky ill-begotten throne."
— Stannis

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