Sucogu came to Mata-Nui from a foreign land after losing his family.  Upon becoming acquainted with the island's inhabitants, the toa of lightning became a valiant leader against dark forces, creating a righteous group of warriors who protected Ko-Wahi from those who would do the city harm. Sucogu was brought down by one of his apprentices, disappearing into jungles as his team of warriors disbanded.

Book 2 Arc Edit

  • After his time in Ko-Wahi, Sucogu found himself working as a mercenary in Onu-Koro. Here, he was hired by a traveling courier (truthfully Ahkmou in disguise) for extra muscle in a business deal.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Sucogu's armor is black with deep red highlights.  An array of electricity crackles around the spark-plug of a toa as he plunges into battle, long swords drawn and slashing with no discretion for the Toa Code.  

Abilities and TraitsEdit

As a Toa of Electricity, Sucogu is a master of controlling the pulses of electrical energy around him in nature, as well as creating bolts of lightning.  He is an adept fighter with his sword(s), using them alone or in tandem to slay his foes with brutal efficiency.


Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Hau: Sucogu's closest pupil, who he treats as a "son" and heir.
  • Kriigata: The missing "daughter" of Sucogu's family, an important member of his life on Mata Nui and one who disappeared after his visit to Ga-Koro.
  • Krayzikk: A member of Sucogu's group of wandering warriors, Krayzikk was Sucogu's right hand man.
  • Mita: A Toa of Sound Sucogu briefly met in Ta-Koro.


  • Makuta (Deceased)

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