A section of the Beach Path, facing south.

The Ta-Wahi Beach Path is a short pathway that connects the Great Telescope to the Old Fusa Path leading to Ta-Koro.

Location Edit

The Beach Path is shaped like an 'L' rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.

When the Old Fusa Path broaches the Charred Forest, a meek pathway paved volcanic stones inlaid into the ground follows the northern edge of the Charred Forest northeast, where it bends to the left and follows the rocky Ta-Wahi beach.

The path extends past a hidden passage from Mangaia, a Ga-Koro Ferry dock, all the way to the Great Telescope.

Description Edit

Often considered Mata Nui's oldest path, the Ta-Wahi Beach Path is marked only by the presence of stones peeking up through the ground and the sand, of the same volcanic stone thrown out of the Mangai Volcano.


A hidden entrance to Mangaia, along the Ta-Wahi Beach Path.

In-Game History Edit

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