Ta-toa, male




Great Akaku, mask of X-Ray Vision


Good, healer of all


scalpel and surgical equipment, later on a trident and shield


Mask of X-Ray Vision allowed for diagnosis of physical ailment, powers over fire, limited guard training.


Ex-surgeon for Team Kanohi Dragon, Ex-member of Ta-Koro Guard


Kughii and Derblitzman

Takimoc was a Matoran of fire, herbalist, and member of Team Kanohi Dragon.


Takimoc was the surgeon for Team Kanohi Dragon, using his mask of X-Ray vision and powers of fire to heal.  He fell in love with Riaril after a time, although the two were doomed to fail at romance.  Before the destruction of the Ta-Koro Guard Hospital, Takimoc had left the team to join the Ta-Koro Guard, feeling his duty as a toa required him to finally take up arms against Makuta.  Unfortunately, shortly after the hospital's demolishment at the hands of Hiemalis, Takimoc fell into a rahi trap and died.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Takimoc was the color of autumn leaves aflame.  His red eyes blended with the kanohi on his face, although his white surgeon's coat stood out like the sore thum his antics were toward Riaril.  Takimoc wielded the tools of a surgeon before joining the guard.  Afterward, he used the trident and shield of a sentry.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Takimoc was a skilled surgeon.  He also was highly skilled at being immature and getting on the nerves of those around him.


Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Riaril , his ex-lover and leader of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Faerulo, member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Moriika, member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Nakumiir, member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Coffee, his lover and drug


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